Friday, October 24, 2008


I was visiting the grapes farm with my son, sister Linda and my mom also with my sister Suelyn with her 2 son (Jacoob and Isiaah). We actually wanted to go and see the owner of the farm to ask permission to visit their farm, but unfortunately the farm was too big and we can't find the way in. The grape farm was just few feet from the road and without any fence..So we take a short snap and go.. LOL..

Other country may think.. what?? grapes?? so what?? But for us in Malaysia... it was something 'wowwwzersss...'... Here is the 2nd part Video..

Note: Please ignore the way we comunicate on my videos hahaha... we are Sabahan (Borneo), thats the way we talk.. yeaaahhhh.... LOL..

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