Saturday, October 25, 2008

CANADA_Walk around the neighbourhood (June 07)

We are taking a walk around my sister neighbourhood. This is around 9pm but still bright! 1 thing about the day in CA, in morning time it start to shine at 5am..and night time start to dark like 9pm....fuhh.. what a short night.. LOL.. but I guest thats happen during summer only. Oh yes and the weather... was summer time but we still need to wear jacket.. The sun is hot but the wind is cold... I notice my skin easily dry and black spot start coming out... Really need UV protection cream.

When walking around, the people in neighbourhood was so friendly.. They will raise their hand to you and say hi..or are you.. whenever I meet people there especially the Canadian, they will definetely say ' are you.."... on the store...streets... anywhere...

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