Saturday, October 18, 2008


Updated by Phuket post for more photos.

My Vacation to Phuket with family. This photo did not shows all about Phuket but it shows only the part that I visited (Patong Beach)

My Hotel balcony view.

'Tut-tut'.. they call 'tuk-tuk' for a this mini van.. most common transpotation.

Have this 'char kueh tiaw' as lunch.. Looks messy, tasted great..

Fruits stall

This road was flooded before during the Tsunami.. Some shop still have not renovated or clean up. I can still see the mark of the mud on the wall. This is like after 4 years??

I was looking at the electric cabel.. dahsyatnyaaaa.... berlapis lapisss...

You see.... not the club... the cabels la... did u get that???

uuuuuuhhhh.... mamamia! Delicious...

You can see all this scenery just infront of the seafood restaurant. Tsunami attack in memory..

Modern 'tuk-tuk' carry passengers from hotel to another place.

I did not take any night life photo. But enjoy some videos of mine..

Shopping mall

Cool stuff..

Dinner.. so seriousss.. ;-P

Nite life.. Party time.. (Not me ahhh... I am just passing by.. ;-P )

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