Monday, December 1, 2008

Resting Day at PanPac Hotel (Sutera Harbour KK)

Hoorayy.. I am now at the PanPac hotel room.. enjoying my breakfast..
Going to the pool after this..


Pool time.. I did not swim.. only my hubby and son.. ;-p

(This is me.. Just watching ..)

(My Son don't want to come up.. He want to stay.. :-" )

So far soo good... I am having a relax time..

Need a nap now.. ZZzzzzz..

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wendi said...

woww, sedap nyeee makanan

SyazReA said...

wah..besnyer.. i can feel ur relax feeling...huh... tenangnye...

Evelyn Laiyap said...

mimang tu.. budak sia.. kalau masuk air no.1 lah! susah mau kluar.. sampai tu kulit berkedut baru mau kluar.

shloke said...

Cute lad over there :)