Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 3_Silver Factory (Chiang Mai)

Before heading to the silver shop.. stop by for a curry mee..

I saw this beautiful tree.. all the leaves are gone, left the flowers! So nice..

And the flower are so huge and yellow!! I like it...

The restaurant, claimed to be the top 10 best selling curry mee.. I am not sure about that...coz I don't feels like the curry mee that nice.. Sorry.. ;-p

The curry mee..


Actually tour like this I kurang minat (less interested)... but.. once I go thru' not bad..

Showing how to knw ori silver.. The white colour is ori.. is it?? I am not sure.. The guy speak in chinese so I don't understand.. LOL..

Frenkly speaking..I love silver, white gold like that.. not soo much into gold.. ;-)

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SyazReA said...

mcm pelik je mee kari dia kn..huhu

wah...baca n tgk2 pic kat entry2 chiang Mai ni terasa cam ikut skali pegi ke sana plak..huhu..
thanx share the info..

Cath J said...

Ye..syaz... lain sangat mee curry dia tu.. mcm makan pun payah...tak biase.. hihihi..Tak habis I makan..(Minta maaf je lah..)..

EereNoon said...

That's not a curry mee. That's a Khao Soi. A Thai food originated from Northern Thailand. It looks like a curry mee anyway. Lol!!