Monday, February 2, 2009

Royal Flower Tour_Day 1 (Chiang Mai)

After having our lunch.. we start our tour by visiting the largest garden.. 'Royal Flowers'

The weather suppose to be 'cold' as predicted due to the cold breeze fenomena. But seems the fenomena was over when we were there.. It was so freakin hot!! Boleh dapat cancer kulit ooo!

err... mcm body builder... (Ohh dear... must continue with diet resolution.. ;-p)

Breath taking... I love the mountain hill view..

Use this train to visit each area.. it is too big for walking..

I love the tree shape..

King potret everywhere... (ohh..they loves their King soo much)

See this house? The Top is build by pure Gold!!!!!! Wowww..

I am so in love with this scenery!! Wish it was around my house.. LOL..

My Fav flower... Fortunia..

fuh yoo...siap cekak pinggang!


I did not go up to the castle.. sooo tired to carry my son... but I saw on my broIL video.. It was beautiful inside... next time you go must go in...

My hubby say 'mcm alien'.. Nasib baik pink colour... if not I would not take photo..

My broIL taking photo of my boy.. jadi superman... (Apalah tu??)

My boy... (The small 1 ya.. hehehehe)

After the tour.. everyone dehydration.. looking for ice cream and water.. LOL..


CHINA DOLL said...

cantikk ni tempat cath...

Unknown said...

this place is huge....and santeeekk

CathJ said...

Ya...belum nampak betul2 lagi...cantik but freakin hot!!!! No kidding!

Anonymous said...

hi there, nice blog u hve here...apa gia travel agency yg kmu ikut ni, ble bagi website dorg ka?