Monday, March 16, 2009

BALI_Bedugul Lake (Day 3)

After lunch at Pacung, we straight up to the hills heading to the largest lake in Bali (There are few large lake in Bali.. and Bedugul Lake is 1 of them).

I am wondering how on earth... a lake happen to be on top of hills and mountains?? Pak Gedik say, they believed it was because of the Volcano impact. But there is no Volcano around there.. got but never burst.. (But never know what happen long long time ago right?? )

OK..Finally we reach.. Beautiful sceneryyyyy!!


Our 'Big and Beautiful family'...

My fav photo of the day!!!

eh-ehhh..... ada fishing yerrrr???? Nasib baik I'm on tour.. If not me and hubby 'bertenggek' jugak join the club.. lol..


Oliveoylz said...

Nice, very nice pix. Love the clouds...they look special :)

CathJ said...

Thanks..OliveOylz.. ;-)

Anies Azeera said...

....berkhayal I skijap nampak all the nice pemandangan. I have to visit Bali.