Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Photos of Melaka trip..

Was tag as the best Ais Kacang on town..

alahai si Amber...

Nyammm... but I don't like this crystal sugar.. I love chocolate more.. lol

The famous indoor market..

I was run out of cash that moment...there were no ATM on that place!! nice...

Go behind the indoor market.. you will saw this building.. inside got CIMB.. ;-p
Saved my day..

Eyes of Malaysia now in Melaka...


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SJB said...

si amber heheh lucu juga. nanti kami balik sana mesti mahu pergi lagi di melaka..

Cath J said...

Ya.. wah byk ni mau di lawat hahahha....(Kena kumpul duit byk2 lagi ni hahahahhah)