Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's Zoom Putera Jaya ^ ^

Quite worried to travel off to overseas now a days... So much of deceases spreading.. jeezzz...

I think our own country, Malaysia got it own treasures... Lot's of places I have never been yet.. I have been to Putera Jaya (Selangor) few times.. but never really take a look into it. Came here few weeks ago, I noticed lot's of tourist buses parking here.. and tourist was taking photo with the scenery..

I stand here and oh woww.. another beautiful place to hanging round.. I just love the river sight.. If our country was a cold place, I bet this place will be full with people.. coz the scenery was awesome..

But y tourist come here in M'sia?? 1 of the reason.. bcoz of the whole year summer day.. Soo I am glad with the weather we have (Even tho it irritating sometimes ;-p)

Bring along your sunny glass and enjoy... ^_^

isn't it beautiful???

See the boat?? I will go for a ride next time.. *wink*

Indoor restaurant with no worry... :-D

Hey...cute...muah...muah... (I mean the shop in pink...)

Owww.... 1 of my 'kru'.. tired... ;-p

zoom Malaysia

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