Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Travel To Fujian China

*(Recently updated with more photo)

This is actually consider a last minute travel. 1 of my hubby relative wedding in 1 of the place at Fujian.

Hubby and his bro not able to join this travel b'coz they are leaving to Singapore for some business event.. So I decided to follow my in laws together with my boy (4 of us). Not quite worried traveling with my boy, because he is under controlled so far I travel with him ;-)

I start my Fujian story with this..

Check in at Xiamen Airlines counter..

After check in.. have to find the train transit to bring you to the international departure gate..

While waiting for the train.. managed to go online through my HP (Urgghh... don't knw how much I will be charged for this.. T_T)

Buy something for son, so he will have something to play in the flight (I bring some of his small fav toys also... in case.. ;-p)

Ok.. train is here..

My boy prefer to stand.. T_T

Our flight 'Xiamen Airlines'.. We choose Xiamen Airlines b'coz the price is cheaper than MAS that time..

In the flight.. let him use the ear phone(Provide by the aircraft) to listen some music.. ;-p

After for a while in the sky.. we were served with this.. In a moment I thought this is a '
ubatracun lipas'.. ;-p, Kacang rupanya.. Good idea, so that we can unblocked our ears while munching it.

My boy food (Kids meal).. soo not nice!!! Better choose adults meal.. ;-)

My meal.. Chicken with mushroom.. Nice..

Watching movie during the journey..

Before we landing.. the stewardess taking our body temperature by using this tool look like a gun.. Hihihi.. my son so scared when they tried to take his temperature.

I notice Fujian pre-caution regarding the H1N1 is very good. I think we go through 3 - 4 test, all along the way before reaching the emigresen counter. Great!! No wonder Fujian doesn't have any case YET... so far...

Xiamen view at night... here we come Xiamen...

This is 2nd test.. before we can go out from the plane.. the health center come inside the airplane to do the test. Than when we go out...another test.. Fuh yooo.. ;-p

(If 1 of the person detected.. the whole people in the craft will be quarantine.. Thank God every thing is OK)

Did not managed to take photo inside the airport.. Only outside view.. ;-p

We were invited by a friend of my hub relative.. I thought we are going to stay around Xiamen town.. unfortunately (for me) we need to stay at the village (OMG..) until the wedding. Today(on that day) was Wednesday and the wedding was on Friday.

We heading to Yun Chun which take almost 4 and a half drive... CRAZYyyy... after long hours (4 hrs) in the flight.. continue another 4 hours plus drive!!! T_T

Worse part.. when we almost reach Yun Chun town.. The car wheel punctured!!! May be our luggage was to heavy ;-p


We landed at 8.30PM at the airport... and reach at the village at 12++ midnight... T_T
We have to go through hill and mountain to reach this village... The road was winding... very very winding until make me very2 dizzy and sick!!!

This is not a DIVA travel for me... It's really2 challenging my emotion!! More story to come...


Evelyn Laiyap said...

Wow!! 4 hrs in the flight + 4 hours in the car??!! I think I pengsan oredi bah..:D

Unknown said...

sabar ja lah (-_-")

Mouren said...

Whatever it was already...yaiii!

wendi said...

apa apa pun yg penting, selamat dari H1N1..

CHINA DOLL said...

Bah cepat teruskan your story... can't wait...

Malaysia Asia said...

wow, all that for a wedding. But must have been a good experience for your family. Balik Kampung Fujian Style.

CathJ said...

David.. Hehehe.. Sambil go wedding sambil travel.. hope to gain new knowledge and experience in Fujian..