Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Chinese Tradition Old house

Before I start with the old house.. Just want to show you 1 off my boy activity on the village..

Y old house
Adakah patut he go and poke the poor swine with the umbrella!!! (>_<).. and the swine fren pun bergegar-gegar kaki nya apabila di cucuk2 oleh budak nakal ni...

I scold him for doing that.. you know what he say??? 'Mummy... PINK PIG!!!' (>_<)' You know lah whats going to happen to this pig soon... Santapan di hari perkahwinan.. ;-p


Ok continue.. I am proud to have this pictures in my collection.. because this will be show to my generation or may be other relatives here in Malaysia.. about their great great family origin home.. even my hubby did not see this place personally ^_^.

Y old house
I always see some Chinese drama acting in similar house.. But this time I actually seen it and walking inside it and actually part of the family and the cultural.. *Woww for myself*

Y old house
It is quite old already.. They don't stay here anymore.. but on this coming wedding (On the next day) they wanted to celebrate it here before they transform the house to become a temple for this village.

Y old house
This house have few rooms.. and every family will stay in own room.. and during eating time, they will eat together at the main hall in the middle..

Y old house
This is the main entrance..

Y old house
I love to see this sculpture on top of the door.. Love the carving!!! How on earth they do that (During those days)!!!

Y old house
And my fav 'crops'... the branches.. all looks like painting for me..

Y old house

Y old house

Y old house
The wedding is tomorrow.. and lots of relatives start coming to help..

Y old house
Another view looks like painting to me..

Y old house
Looks like cottage.. ^_^

Y old house
See.. my boy sudah jadi tumpuan.. sekejap lagi kena picit muka.. T_T

Y old house
Kopek bawang.. ^_^

While I am enjoying taking photos.. Some of the aunties telling my MIL.. ask to tell me, 'keep some film' for the wedding... don't finish it.. hihihi... I have like 10,000 reserved pixel in my camera plus my hp.. Don't worry ;-p (But I come bck with around 800-900 photos only.. including all my travel in Fujian)

Y old house

Y old house
I think all of them are the 'Y' sur name generation..

Will bring you inside the old house on next post..


Kimora said...

alalala kasian itu pinkish kana poke oleh ur son hahahha

cantik lah ... ndak sabar mo tunggu lagi neee

Sandra@miabambina said...

thanks for sharing!
and yes about the pincit2 the face. they love to do that ! :)

iriene said...

Fujian : Is it the origin province for the Hokkien? Kalau betul, nak suruh abang bawalah.
Your photos all cantik-cantik belaka - really like come out from painting but the best thing is :It is real and you are there personally.. WOW!
How much you all spend for the trip, I kena budget and planlah :) Hope to read ur upcoming posts soon. Btw do drop by my blog, tks!

Jemsen said...

Wow wee... beautiful pictures.
I love to see all these wonderful
places. I only been to Shanghai and the nearby provinces. I hope my family can bring me there one day... you son so cute and so lucky! :D

Cath J said...

Iriene: Yes you are right.. Fujian is the origin pro of Hokkien.

The trip cost... Mmmm...wait I have to check this again. Anyway I will mentioned it somewhere in my coming post ya..very very soon...

Sandra: I don't know how you take it when you are staying there. Some more your daughter are so so cute and beautiful.. ^_^