Friday, January 15, 2010


Today.. trying to woke my boy up to school.. and believe it or not.. he like 'tidur mati'.. o.O

I carry him try to woke him up but still he doesn't want to wake up.. My hubby was ready to work (and ready to send our boy to school).. I told hubby just go and may be let my boy stay at home today.. ;-p

Last night he slept late.. ;-p, went to BILaw house to eat Durian (Actually mummy and daddy yg makan.. he doesn't like it hihihi) .. ;-p ;-p

Almost 10am.. he woke up and looking for his daddy.. Out of a sudden he desperately wanted to go to school.. ha-yaaaaaaaa!!.... already late 1 hour.. But I put his uniform on and fix my THICK face and send him to school.. ~.~

Maluu nya... dtg lambat.. Nasib baik play school.. ;-p


Sharing some interesting place to visit in KK.. (Well might not interesting for some people ;-p)

Have you visit the COCOA BOUTIQUE? Located just near by the Tanjung Aru Traffic Light. I noticed about this place on my previous trip to KK but don't have a chance to visit.

I was expecting something more interesting like 'Showing the process of making chocolate'.. but seems it was just a boutique as clearly mentioned by their name.. ^_^

Inside showing some samples of real Cocoa.. This was the dried Cocoa..

Than peeled into this..

My boy playing with it.. ~.~

The result before going for another process to become Chocolate.. But they only show up to that level.. the rest.. Imagine sendiri.. LOL

They sell so many flavor of Chocolate.. That I never tried before..

They provide Do Your Self handmade Choc for kids and adults.. I think it's a great idea to bring the kids to try/play with it sometimes.. Just some activity for them.. ^_^

Durian Choc?? Curry Choc??? Ada2 saja... ;-p

I purchase this home.. The Brown and White Choc..

Lot's of Chocs..

Turtle Choc.. Mind you this was real Choc K.. No touching.. ^_^

Souvenirs before home??

Have a nice day people.. ^_^

Psst.. I am thinking of running a contest.. *Wink*


Reanaclaire said...

thanks for sharing the KK sceneries, i have never been there yet.. only kuching, miri and brunei..
psst.. bila ada contest?

vialentino said...

wow very big cocoa boutique ler...i think Kl dun have this kind of shop it?

CathJ said...

Hahahha.. Claire very soon... ^_^

Via: Mmm.. I am not sure.. KL I dun think they have may be other place.. but never heard.. ^_^

Agnes CF Lee said...

Every working morning I drive pass the junction to this boutique but never come across my mind to visit. surprisingly the boutique looks pretty impressive, will drop by one day to check it out.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Nah ni gambar pun hilang (*_*).

Mummy Gwen said...

Curry chocs? First time hearing this. I know there is chili chocs lah. Interesting place. What contest huh? Maybe My Fav Prince contest..hehehe.