Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lost World_Singapore Universal Studio

This time visiting the Lost World of Jurassic Park.. We are half way of the Universal studio already.

Some people said they can finished the whole tour around 4 hours.. and the ticketing counter said 5 hours.. But we did it within 6 hours.. We really really take our time and enjoy the studio.. ^_^

(Kaki pun melecet.. -_-)

Entering the lost world..

Familiar with this?? ^_^

Some random photos around..


Food court..



This is cute.. you can stand inside the egg shell and take photo.. I did but.. ermmm... maybe for my own preview only la.. ;-p


This was where we a bit disappointed.. Going for the Lost World adventure.. We really really ready to get wet and enjoy.. unfortunately... there was a R&R to go for this.. especially for the kids.. Must reach certain height for this.. If I am not mistaken... 99cm??

But my lil boy was 0.5 short from that eligible height.. -_-.. Just a lil bit but for safety we better don't take the risk.. -_-

So any rides that required that height.. we are not able to try.. and this means we will come back again in future... Mmmm... next year??? yey!!

It sure is an awesome adventure where you will meet dinosaurs along the way perhaps??

We only can see from outside -_-... (Tapun..)

Make sure you bring extra clothing.. ^_^ or may be wear a rain coat?? ;-p

Wet but happy face.. Oh I really want to try this with my family.. ^_^

We are not able to try that.. So go for the Flyer instead.. They have certain height for this too.. and my boy was eligible for this.. *phieww*...

This was the line.. (On the sky)..

We queue for 50minutes... just for a 30second ride!! and it was Scary and fun at the same time for me... LOL

While on the line.. my boy was truly wanted to play with this 2 boys.. He tot this was his Canadian cousin.. Because the small boy named was JCb same as my sis son's name... LOL.. apa lagi my son.. he keep on calling ISh and JCb... LOL.

And the Flyer..

During the ride.. I was holding my boy chest.. we need to sit side by side... (I was afraid he will slipped away from the seat.. ~.@.. LOL).. Actually mummy yang penakut... ;-p...

The ride was very very fast!! and feels like we were being thrown away on the sky at certain corner.. LOL..

My boy laughing.. having fun... Mummy?? Shouting like crazy women.. yet having fun too.. Hubby sit at the back.. We can't see him.. but we can hear his voice.. ask us to shout if we were afraid.. LOL!!!

Having the best moment with my boy and hubby of coz!! This was my boy 1st time trying something adventures in his age (3++yo).

Buying some drinks..

I tell you this bottle was a hot item!! It's like everyone having it... no matter small kids or adults.. LOL.. (Price about RM30++.. can't recall). I bought this coz we don't really shop at Singapore.. so to have something 'cool' like this why not?... ;-p

(But now.. this bottle was standing in 1 corner of my kitchen counter top.. it was spooky to see that smiling dinosaurs every time I enter my kitchen.. -_-)

(You get what I mean???? ~.@)

Some other rides here at the Lost world land..

It's a short queue.. ^_^

I noticed ever queue station will have this.. so can have some drinks and filled up your bottle.. ^_^

I tried this too.. ;-p (Alone sum more.. my boy with daddy.. ^_^)


Done with the Lost world land.. we are about to the next tour.. found this fella with his cute little dino..

It's moving.. like real.. awww.... Watch this short Vid.. ^_^

Next we are moving to the ancient Egypt.. The Mummy land..

To be continue..


Reanaclaire said...

waahhh.. i m very fascinated.. macam must go!! but i dread the crowd and the weather la... really... if cooler, how wonderful it is, hor?

CHINA DOLL said...

Teringat aku masa di Osaka dulu... apapun, aku mau juga pigi sini dengan kawan2 la kalau bulih. Best tengok gambar2 mu ni.

Kristie said...

wow the rides all look so fun!!!! ur boy is sure one adventurous fella ;)

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Kalau naik tu ride tidak lah saya mahu. Takut kekek. Kalau dorang IH sama JB memang suka ni.

Tu video bah, macam betul betul kan tu little dino. Cute bah pandai lagi berguyang guyang tu kepala heheh. Nasib juga si JL tidak takut.

CathJ said...

Chinadoll: Harus... boleh bergaya di Castle.. hehehhehe

SJB: hehehhehe... ya tu 2 budak pun sendiri2 saja without parents.. sama juga tu budak ada little sister... hehehehhe..

mummysyafie said...

wawan mesti hepi giler kalau i boleh bawak dier gi jumpa dino. tapi pasal ride tu..takmo la..takut babe!