Monday, July 5, 2010

Traditional Wedding Of Lotud Ethnic..

I was invited for a special traditional wedding on my previous back home town trip. It was held at the Linangkit Cultural Village, Tuaran.

My 1st time here ^_^..

This was a traditional Lotud wedding.. So everyone was wearing a very nice costume..

Lotud is 1 of the ethnic in Sabah.. More about it and this place click LINANGKIT.

I was quite surprise that there was a very nice place and view inside this village.. It's quite easy to find the place actually.

My boy and my niece.. She was 1 of the flower girls for the wedding.. Because the bride was her daddy sister.. ^_^

We came quite early.. better have food 1st before all come.. ;-p

After food.. Just nice.. The bride and groom is here..

The traditional way to welcome the bride and grooms with traditional instrumental music and the elderly will walk together with them all along the way.

Oh yes.. don't forget about the umbrella... The reason for the umbrella.. Not only because it's hot. ;-p.. I was told there was another meaning of it.. If I am not mistaken.. to protect from any harm evil spirit and all the bad stuff...

Wah.. Please correct me if I am wrong.. Need to find the elderly to ask the real reason why.. ^_^

Lotud ethnic have a very nice pieces of traditional costume.. 1 of my fav.. Sequins all over the place..

That orange stuff.. is called 'Linangkit'.. it's something like Songket and by handmade.. I have mine but.. never complete until now.. not the linangkit but the skirt and the selendang.. I am not Lotud but just love to collect the traditional costume.. ^_^

(I am a Kadazandusun girl.. do you know that??? ;-p)

Heading to the hall..

I saw the elderly sprinkle 1 kind of water to all guest.. either blessing all the guest(??) or chasing bad spirit..

Bride and groom was on their place.. for everyone to see and take photos.. ^_^

The next step of the wedding tradition ceremony is about to start.. The parents and the elderly gathered together on the floor.. in a group..

There were food and drinks on the middle..

Take 1 pic before they been separated for a while to go thru the ceremony..

Once in a while the children will play the traditional music with the traditional instruments to entertain guest..

It's very cooling at this hall.. it must be due to the material they using to make this house.. Bamboo and what's that on top? Kulit kayu?? Or 1 type of grass (??) -_-

Beautiful costume with beautiful music.. (Not like Kenny G type of music.. but traditional rhythm of music)

Frankly speaking I have no idea that Lotud costume comes in a varieties style.. way of beading and sequins.. and the accessories on head all.. Ohh.. my 1st time..

Ok.. Shhhhhhhhh.... The man (The leader) Is about to start...

To be continue...

(Will be featured in my FunSabah blog)


TaQuiLa said...

ohhh how nice to see traditional wedding!

Oliveoylz said...

This is such a special wedding. Very colourful indeed! Your niece is very pretty...

Naomi said...

Very nice wedding. I attended a wedding at Tuaran too last month.

Tagged you for 8th photos in 8th folder. Have fun!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

wow! colourful!

Joan said...

i am a Lotud girl. and yes the ladies attire came in two variants. one short sleeve and the other long sleeve.

but the traditional wedding of the dusun lotud is new to me as well. its a good experience that you were there to witness everything. jarang jarang ada tu.

CathJ said...

Joan: Ohhhhh Gadis Lotud..... wowwwww.....

Mummy Gwen said... interesting. Your niece is very pretty. :)

rahma said...

interesting n very nice costume indeed. :)
btw, mcm atap rumbia bah tu cath... if am not mistaken la. mmg sajuk tu :)

Mimi said...

Wah.. so nice! I wish to see a very traditional wedding like this one day.. A refreshing change juga kan?

CathJ said...

Rahma: ahhhh... Rumbia.... wah lama nda sebut... mcm lupa lagi tu apa rumbia..


Nora said...

Very good info Cath,

I'm a Sabahan myself but never attend any traditional wedding. This had open my mind a bit about our colourful cultures.

Love the traditional clothes. A kadus baju..but cant fit anymore..:D

Myelsakee said...

nice pics!!! awesome

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Ketawa saya tengok muka si kakak yang dia berlari tu. Lucu bah.

Scarlett Ohara said...

Good job. These stuff is useful for my research of ethnic in Sabah.TQ