Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saufiville Resort, Janda Baik (Pahang)

During the Malaysia day holiday.. we drove out to find a place to hang out. Staying at home too long make me feel more sick.. so I told hubby I want to go out. Hubby thought of a place where he saw a waterfall sign board just near by the Genting Highland (Pahang) road.

So we try our luck to find that place (Will talk about this later).. we found the place but not as what we expected but it's a nice place to hang out too..

BUT.. while on our way looking for the 'waterfall' sign board.. it brought us to somewhere else..

We saw a sign board written 'Boutique resort'.. By the way.. this place was at Janda Baik, Pahang (Just near by the Genting Highland turning). The boutique resort sign board guided us to a very small road.. where only 1 car can pass thru..

(I was praying so no other car come infront of us.. ~.@)

From far.. we can see a bungalow on top of a hill.. I told hubby.. this might be a normal resort and we might disappointed..

But as usual.. my hubby always be the most curios 1.. Belum tengok belum tau.. he so eager to drive up to the hill..

This was on top of the hill.. and the road was narrow.. I just can't imagine how if there were another car coming.. who going to reverse.. ~.@

But when we came up.. we were welcomed by a beautiful landscape of their garden..

I was so impressed with what I saw..

It's like feeling in a different place.. The flowers are lovely..


Not only the garden and landscape.. The house it self impressed us so much.. For a moment, we thought 'are we at the right place?'.. or are we at somebody house.. ??

Love the bricks on the wall.. feels like a cottage.. We went inside to confirmed if this was the boutique resort..

Inside we saw food was served (Not for us of coz.. ;-p).. and in our heart this definitely the place and after met the owner (Mr. Saufi).. He introduced us this place are called SAUFIVILLE RESORT.

I love how they did the window.. it's like open concept where they bring the forest inside the house.. awesome..

What are the factor that make me said 'Oh yes.. This is the place I wanted to stay'.. was...

.. the spectacular view of the mountain hills and the skies from the veranda..

The pool is 1 of the 'wow' factor too.. It is a brilliant idea.. perfect..

The water in the pool was a river water from the hill.. When looking at my photos.. I just can't describe the real view yet.. when you look it in real life.. it was way too good.. you can sit there hours and hours just relaxing and looking at the view.

I told hubby I wanted to stay here (This time we did prepare some clothing.. in case we are staying overnight some where)..

Unfortunately.. the room was fully booked that day!! -_-

Owner much prefer if you booked the place in a group.. it only cost RM2000 per night.. for the whole house.. (Psst... the pool is yours than.. ;-p).. Not included food ya.. they do served food tho'..

You can also stay per room basis.. check out their FB HERE and their blog HERE.

Having food with a beautiful view.. Nice! Oh did I mentioned it will be cold at night?? Yeah.. around 20c (If I am not wrong)..

Another spectacular view..



KenMAHD said...

Now that was really a great place to stay!! It reminds me of Mesilau Nature Resort in Ranau (kalah teda pool ja...)

Tp sayang pla u didn't make it to stay...x pa jg once u oredi know the place naa bulih sda la lain kali pi berhang-out sana :)

CathJ said...

Mrs Graig: 1 day mesti mau stay punya la... wah, kalau di mesilau ada pool.. ada yg mati karas kali.. hahahaha..

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Punya cantik ni tempat. Ya bah tu pool wahhh duduk lama lama pun tidak apa kan?.

memeljoan said...

wah, mmg very relaxing...siok oo dpt jln2...

Mummy Gwen said...

You guys are adventurous lah...like that also can discover an awesome place to relax and unwind. The pool is beautiful.

CathJ said...

SJB: next time you all come here again...we gonna stay here.. yes?? :D

Just said...

Great place! As agreed by all, the pool jg la yg manang! :D

Nanak said...

wah, sdgkn sy baca pun bdriri bulu roma sy oh cath..apalagi kalau sudah sampai sana..
ckp pasal itu jalan pula, adeh pernah kami p rafting di kiulu bah, ada jalan sempit yg buli lalu 1keta ja nsb pendek jak itu jalan..jadi klu mau guna tu jalan kn, kita mesti kasi bunyi hon sampai keluar p jalan besar..supaya xketa lain yg mau masuk..ekekeee

CathJ said...

Nanak: gud idea juga kan kasih bunyi hon... hehehhe