Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hong Kong Standford Hotel (Day 2)

This was our Day 2 at Hong Kong.

It's time to check out from Disneyland Hollywood Hotel and transfer to our next hotel at Mongkok.

This time we gonna stay at Hong Kong Stanford Hotel (This link is just showing you what facilities they have). We stayed 2 night here till we went home.

The entrance..

To reached this place is not that far.. as I said HK is quite small and 1 place to another is not that far.. but the jam will delayed your journey.

..and 1 more thing about HK.. it's packed with buildings. They have very small road and narrow! I have a very bad headache inside the bus due to all the turnings.. ~.@

We actually can reached early too.. but 1 bus will pick up so many tourist from other hotel too.. urghhh.... make my headache more worst!!

The lobby area..

It's a small hotel.. categorize as 3 stars.. and some rated this hotel as 4 star.. (For me.. I give 3 stars)

It's a very small room too.. we got double single bed.. and it's already packed.. wait until our extra bed comes.. we are totally like sardines..

When we stay too long inside the room.. I can feel lacking of oxygen already.. -_-. That is why I just can't stay too long in the room.

But when we enter the room for 1st time.. I straight away knock off.. (I am 1 sleepy preggy mom.. @.@)

Pic review for this room..






Our view...

Well.. staying in HK you will definitely have this type of view most of the time.. buildings... buildings and more buildings.. (I stay 2 night.. I am so bored with the view already.. -_-.. may be I am just a preggy mom)



carolchs said...

Dulu masa sia folo my mom to HK, the first thing came to my mind when baru mau land di airport (masi dlm kapal) was 'wow! macam kotak2 saja the buildings in HK if seen from bird's eye view'...banyak betul buildings. i bet now mesti lagi banyak kan cos i went in 1998. more than 10 yrs already. but one day, mau dtg lagi pi sana..mau pi visit disneyland :)

CathJ said...

Chegu: hihihi... ya lor... makin byk... and mcm so dangerous.. sambil kau jalan2 di bawah tu building.. di atas under renovation...eeee serammm...

mummysyafie said...

dear..seronok u leh jalan jauh² eventho tgh preggy erkk

Anonymous said...

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SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Ok juga bah tu hotel.