Sunday, December 28, 2008

AFamosa Resort_Safari Ride

After all the shows, the last activity will be the Safari ride.. My hubby say...faster!faster! everyone is like rushing and rebut2!!! I tot' apa la yang mau di rebut2 ni???

Rupanya....berebut mau naik this 'besi burukk..' ;-p

This is the Safari transportation.. betul2 mcm animal cage!

We have to wait like 15-20 minutes ohhhh... coz they have like only 2 transportation and we have to wait for them to come back..

The part yg paling I benci.. We susah2 line up (Bukan pendek ooohhh...u see...berputar2 tempat berbaris nya..but there is some people ni, take short cut by going thru under the stand..tiba2 saja ada org infront of the line, sedangkan we have to wait for long que!! So not fair!!!! If kids tak apa lah! ini bapa budak dgn bini dan kerabat2... I give them a sharp look...dia orang buat 'de' je..

Time now.... I feel sooo tired already....

Sooo at last the 'besi buruk' sampai.... sekali naik...Waduhhhh!!! I almost want to get out from the truck!!! LOL..LOL.. the driver drive the truck like 'no body business'...Well thats what Safari is all about right?? In my head... 'habis lah ...this truck going to 'tonggang'!!!!!!!'.....The driver drive very fast in dangerous way, even on the corner!!!

See how some face reaction?? LOL...(thats my dad...2 tangan lagi pegang...kuang..kuang...kuang..)

The worst part, the driver is the tour guide as well..he is using that 'loud speaker' I forgot what we call that.. LOL... I was thinking what that guy talking...coz we can't hear anything!!!!!! Its like he is mumbling with the next person sitting with him..with the speaker! Geeeeee...... Even he stop for a while to let us see the animals... We still can't hear what is he mumbling about...

Reminder... Pregnant lady and people with heart problem tak boleh ikut wooo.... as I told you, the drive was sooo....mmmm....sooo....menakutkan LOL..LOL..

Enjoy some photo of the Safari ride..

End of the tour.. Need to go back to our place and get ready for the night show!

Some souvenirs along the way..

Oh inside quite adviseable to go out from the resort for food.. There are few stall at 'Batu Ampat'.. ;-p unless $$ is a small matter for you..

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