Sunday, December 28, 2008

AFamosa Resort_Cowboy Town (Malacca)

On the evening.. we make a move to the cowboy town.. This place will be the climax for your vacation here in Afamosa Resort..

Must come at least around 8pm.. because the parade will be starting at 8.30pm and there will be lots of people..

Tiket counter..

1st view I saw when entering the cowboy town.. (Yeah .. my camera not soo good...or mayb I don't know how to play with it ;-p)

Ah-hemm.. Where is the cowboy hat??

Ini baruuu laaaaa........ lengkap! pistol je tiada... (My dad..*wink*)

Have to go thru here to go to the parade show..


Find a place.. If you wish to be the 1st one to see the parade..make sure you sit near by the door.. ;-p

This door..

1st show.. The red indians playing with fire!! Awesome!!

It was soo hapenning that nite.. feels like having a party...shouting of excitement everywhere!

This is how my hub and son watching..

Show is over..wowwww.... 'bumper to bumper'....

This is what I mean with 'bumper to bumper'...too packed! Everyone want to get out from there and we all have to go thru the small way off the shopping village.. Crazyyyyyyyyyy! I tell you!!

hu...huuuuuuuuu........ Cowgal pakai selipar!!!!!

Want to have a ride?? Woww ada max weight juga...

Let the kids play laaaa.......

Cowgal gumuk.... piiiii...laaaaaaaaa.... LOL...

Thats the end of my journey at Afamosa Resort...
This is what everyone waiting for.. The closing with wonderful fireworks!!!!

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