Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is my previous travel photo to Bali on 2004. Yeahhh I know this was 4 years ago. I lost this photo (Saved on CD) long time ago and now I found it! I want to add it on my blog as my travel vacation photo collection before I lost it again.. ;-P

I love to travel but not like the bag-packers type ;-p, I admit don't really like to carry heavy bags and go for a walk...gushhh..not me... but I really respect for those who did that.. :-)

I am a tour type of travelers.. hihihi..means...follow any tour agent who can bring me to nice place and eat good food with a transportation.. LOL..LOL.. of course I can walk too.. but mm..only a certain distance.. (You think easy ahh have to carry my own fat and my bag.. )

Ok stop story about me.. back to 2004 memory.. Get ready your eyedrops, coz you are going to see like 60 over photo here.. :)

This is the 1st photo I took when stepping my feet on Bali.

Nice view along the way heading to our hotel.

We stay at 'The Bali Cliff Hotel'.. I heard this hotel no more operating.. Not sure but my hubby told me. Got to check on this.
Photo on hotel area.. sooo.. breath taking..

I love how the swim pool edge match with the sea view.. looks like they were connected

Yeah thats me..

Performance & Barong Dance

Padi field view

1 of the temple.. must wear sarongggg....

Bali Beach.. So amazed to see Balinese youngsters speak in Japanese.. ;-"

Stay there up to sunset.. Beautiful!!

Having dinner at the Bali Hardrock Cafe.. This is the biggest guitar I ever seen..

Next day trip to different temple.. So sorry not able to tell the name.. I forgot!!
*Updated* This is the Besakih temple.

Tanah Lot

The green plants on the ground looks like a fresh green carpet! Trust me the place looks twice much beautiful than on photo.. it's like fantasy..

Back to hotel. We go down the cliff to experience the sea view.. Ohh soo clear!!

This is what I mean..Very can see the coral from up the hill..

The beach side with clear sea water and deep! even on the shore..

Take a photo of my Mom in law collecting sea shell.. ;-)

Wish to go back to Bali.. 'finger cross'..


shloke said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely photos of Bali.

OMG!I love every single pics! The temple, the statue, the amazing scenery and the Balinese dance.

I am going to 'conquer' Bali soon!


CathJ said...

Oh mylo...I am honored..