Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cherating Club Med_06

Another Travel Vacation photo collections of mine. This is well.. 3 years ago??

I did not take soo much photo during this vacation, bcoz I was just gone thru a miscarriage and still under 'confinement'.. I can't walk too much, can't touch the water, can't eat seafood.. and soo much of 'can't'.. thats the reason why.. But I still want to keep this photo into my collections.. ;-p

What I can do is painting.. Thank God for this activity!! I love painting soo.. I do the 'Batik Canting' as my activity.. This is a 2 metre China silk material..

Watching some activity that involved visitors.. Thats what Club Med is all about.

Actually there was so many interesting scenery and activity during that time. Now I feel 'menyesallllllll...' for not taking photos as a memory. In future, no matter sick or sad I am will still full fill my task to take all the photos.. ;-p

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