Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Zealand South Island (Akaroa) Part 1 to 3

(Part 1)

Reached Malaysia Yesterday.. so good to be back home. New Zealand is a beautiful country.. nice summer weather yet I am still glad I am back to Malaysia.. :)
This time travel was a real on the road travel. Well most of the time. We traveled about 200km every day. Reaching motel almost mid night every day O.+
We are traveling around the south of New Zealand Island.

The red line showing our journey starting from Christchurch to Akaroa and ended the journey to Hakitika and back to Christchurch. It's a tiring journey yet worth it!! Seriously make me thinking to come back to do another on the road travel on the upper side of the island and this time renting a Caravan.. haha.. finger cross..
So I am starting my New Zealand travel journal here on our 1st day.. I selected the best pictures only to put in my blog.. others I will upload in my facebook.. so please join my facebook if you interested to received my blog updates and photos.
It took about 11hrs flight from Lcct to Christchurch International Airport (We took Airasia X this time).

We reached New Zealand around 10am (NZ time).. and we rent a car from 'Go Rental' company. We book the car in the airport and they will bring us to their car area to get the car.
That tree is the 1st picture I took when arriving at New Zealand.. haha.. I think it's beautiful.. :). The weather was very chill.. Most of the time below 20°c.. and it's summer. Even tho the sun was shinning the breeze actually chilling.. and I like that.. hihi.

We started our journey after got the car. The housing area remind me of Canada and Perth along the way :).

Kind of hungry.. and my 1st meal was the Fish and Chips.. the most famous food here I guess.. :) You can get it almost anyway.. BUT.. most shops closed at 5.30PM.. We didn't know about it on our 1st day. We actually having a hard time finding food on the 1st day.. haha.. We learnt a lesson from there ..

We didn't go around Christchurch 1st.. because we will be back and stay couple of days at the end of our journey. So we heading to AKAROA.
Along the way I saw yellow fields only.. Something different but breath taking views. My boys been nice along the journey.. most of the time they will be sleeping. Sometimes I will woke by big boy up to see some scenery. Don't want him missed some nice scenery.

Some scenery taken while on the car heading to Akaroa.

We stopped at 1 of the road side and the sign board said 'Waikoko.. The home of LightLord'.. :)

I am admiring the small road together with the view. :)

Continue our journey.. and as usual New Zealand have the best scenery.. the landscap are awesome.. I can't stop taking pictures even tho' they looks the same all the way.. ;p

NZ  edit_12
I love looking at the sheep.. it's exactly like a wall calendar picture I saw when I was little.. :)


Me with the view.. Can't believe I forgot my other jacket..but I survived with the knitting jacket the whole time.. not so bad.. I got thick fat flesh to warm my body.. haha..

It's almost sunset.. when the yellow field met the golden rays... it became gold! Picture perfect!! It looks just how it is in real life.. every where gold! :)

The Akaroa Lake view from hills. Amazingly beautiful!!

Another capture...

.. and another.. ha! How I admires the view..

On the other side of the road was mountain hills with gold in colours..

Okayyy.. Not done with the lake view ha.. me with the view.. hihi

My family members.. Hubby and the brothers.. this was how we are that moment.. ;p

At the back was our car.. front was my in laws..

Amazing view..

(Part 2)
Still on day 1.. continue from part 1..
We planned to go nearer to the Akaroa lake.. on the way we stopped by at one cafe called 'Speight' if I am not mistaken.
It was very windy that time.

I just envy to see how their hydrangea flower grows soo well and huge bush too. Don't have to water, it grows like wild flower.. #envy

Besides the cafe was the Akaroa lake view.. taking the chance to snap a photo with my kids.. turn out well (Even tho the wind are so strong.. I am so heavy yet the wind can push me.. have to hold my babies tight).
Warming up our body with a hot Chocolate and Coffee.. and on the same time enjoying the view outside the window.
My boy with his Chocolate brew..
Next we continue our journey to the lake.. it's almost 9pm on the evening already.. yes it's still a bit bright here hence the gloomy photos..

Finally face to face with the Akaroa lake at near distance..
It almost dark and scenery not that beautiful anymore. I believed can have more beautiful photos during day time.. *sigh*

This is actually almost 9pm in the evening and still quite bright.. :)
We planned to have dinner here.. unfortunately all restaurant and cafe are closed.. as I mentioned on my earlier post.. we were having a hard time to find food on day 1.. lesson learned.. haha
Luckily we had a hot chocolate earlier.. at least can wait for another few hours..
The town.. it is normal to see their town are empty like this.. not only here at Akaroa.. but almost every town are like this.. very hard to see people mingle around..
I thought it happen only during summer.. but Liz said.. Nope.. it is like that.. no matter what weather.. their town will always silent.. except for big town like Christchurch and Queenstown may be.. :)
My boy on the jetty..
I just wish it was at day time.. sure have a spectacular view.. *sigh*
Love to see their shops surrounded with hills..
See.. it's like a hills view wall paper at the back.. :)

It's getting dark and we decided to go back to Christchurch and stay a night there..
Few more photos before we make a move..
Love how they do the flowers.. :)

(Part 3)
From Akaroa.. we drove back to Christchurch and checked in at our 1st motel.. named Courtesy Court Motel. We reached like almost 12 midnight. The office was closed.. luckily the owner just leaved the door unlocked an on the light for us.. I think my BIL already been informed about the room number.. I was a little worry when we enter the room haha... Never know it belongs to others.. but BIL said it's the correct number.
We stayed motels when we were in New Zealand. We always took the one with 6 person package.. and have to pay additional $20 for extra people no matter adult or BABY.. holy crap! All the motels we stayed charging the same way.. except the one at Queenstown.. The Rees Luxury Apartment.
Anyway.. all motels we stayed are comfortable and acceptable.. clean. The only 1 thing that I cannot take it was.. all the motels only provided 1 bathroom which together with the toilet (Except The Rees :) ). Imagine 6 of us adults are fighting for 1 damn toilet and showers (They should separate the toilet and the bath!! ).. You wouldn't want to know what we have to face.. and unfortunately I am the one who stuck with constipation during the 1st few days.. and another person are having diarrhea.. Gosh!!! I wish I can bring a toilet during traveling at places like this..
Some pictures during our stay at Courtesy Court Motel.
For your info.. checking out time in New Zealand, most of the motels are 10am!! Our 1st stay was such a disaster (9am!!).. We entered our room/house and waiting for each other to shower etc.. and we ended sleeping may be around 2 or 3 am..
At 9.30am the phone rang.. Me and the kids sleeping in the master room where the phone placed. I answered and there.. a guy who sounds like Indian or Pakistan.. scolding me.. 'Check out time is 9am.. now is already 9.30am! My people need to clean the room..'
I was so sleepy.. suddenly became fresh at that moment.. got a big shock.. We all thought check out time will be the same like most hotels in Malaysia at 12noon.. haha..
I told the guy to give us like half and hour.. NO WAY!! He refused..
I am so angry and woke my hubby up to continue the conversation.. My hubby with his politeness try to asked for 15 minutes.. also been rejected.. Hubby got pissed off and just say YES.. we go now.. like.. RIGHT NOW.. but we actually took our own sweet time to pack and clear the room.. well not really.. may be around 20 to 30 minutes.. ;p

Some pictures of our place that night.. we stayed only 1 night because we traveled on the next day.. every day did the same routine.. checkin in.. checkin out..
Every motels will have kitchen.. completed with kitchen appliance too. That's the best thing about their motel.
Every master room will be given a baby cot.. all motels we stayed have that.. great!
When we are almost done loading our stuff into the car.. suddenly one Japanese guy came.. the way he talk was exactly the guy on the phone. Now I know he was a Japanese not Indian or Pakistan heh.. haha.. Very strict guy. He saw my kids and said.. he haven't charge the 2 kids yet.. because he never been informed. We actually didn't know that baby will be charged in this country.. and my BIL is the one who make all the bookings.
From that moment onward we learned..
Here in New Zealand are quite strict on the checkout time. You can extend.. but PAY! So.. don't play around.. set your alarm.. haha
I have to wake up at 7am (For 10am checkout time) so that I can use the bathroom 1st and because I have to handle 2 kids.. oh mannn.. I tell you.. I don't have enough sleep while in New Zealand.. o.+ (Except at Queentown.. :).. because we stayed couple of nights there.. :) )
Once checkout we start our journey.. Before heading to the next town.. we managed to visit some few places introduced by our good friend.. MR. GPS... ;p

.. and the 1st place Mr. GPS brought us was to this park.. I am not so sure what's the name..

I love to see their ducks.. and also the clear water of the small lake..

This was still at Christchurch area.

My boy saw a playground near by.. and we let him enjoying himself before the long journey..

IMG_3970 copy
The guy enjoying the sun and the cold breeze on the same time.. what a perfect weather..

IMG_3971 copy
Someone having so much fun.. my little baby was in the car.. sleeping.. :)
After that.. we heading to Christchurch center town to look for food..


So.. we were here.. Parked our car on the left side of this photo..

We reached to a place where looks like people having a festival or something.. you can see some people doing performance and others are watching and get entertained. But for us.. hunting for food... food... fooood... haha

I was amazed by their shop lots.. made out from containers.. brilliant!!

Almost every shops using containers which been improvised and designed.. cool!

During festival like this.. you will easily find a truck or stalls selling fast food like this.. and their sausages are goooooooood!!! :) So have sausages in a bun as our brunch.. mann I am salivating by just thinking about it.. haha.. (Gondo-ot!)

How pretty.. Look how they plant the sun flowers. Remind me of the FB games.. what is that again?? Farmville?? hihi..

While sitting on 1 corner enjoying our sausages bun.. suddenly saw something funny.. By looking at the pic you know what I mean. The blue shirt girl was a volunteer to carry the 'gnome'. We can actually hear the 'gnome' talking very loud. She got a speaker or mic..

Few minutes later another gnome came.. ha! They must be doing some performance. Me and my boy sit nearer to watch what they up to..

It was a fun show and entertaining.. this 2 ladies keep on changing their out fit and 'little legs' according to their story plots.. lastly.. donating some dollars into their hat.. :)
Next we make a move.. and driving about 200km out from Christchurch..