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New Zealand Part 4 To 6

(Part 4)
Our 1st long distance journey started.. and we are heading to Timaru (Where we will stay that night) from Christchurch.

So this is the map of our journey. Passing by another 2 town along the way. I didn't take much photos or I can say none at some places where there is no attraction or places of interest. But I feel a little bit regret now.. because at least I captured the town photo as for my remembrance.. :(

While on the road.. we passes by few winery field. Thinking of visiting at least 1.. So we stopped at this winery field which I don't even know the name.. O.+

Very pretty place.. according to my BIL this place is beautiful and more attractions further in the field at the back.

When we about to enter.. we have to cancelled our plans.. there was a wedding about to start (No wonder so many people on the parking area with very nice dressing). We took some pictures and make a move.

Some pictures that I managed to captured. I would say Perth Winery is much beautiful than here.. :). I saw few on the hills along the way on our journey.. but I still think Perth winery is more beautiful.. Or may be I didn't found the best area yet? Oh well..

Grapes in the progress.. :)

Last picture taken before make a move.. Just look at their flowers.. grows just like wild flowers.. #envy..

Make it short.. we finally reached Timaru town. It was almost dark.. I think almost 9pm. We need to have dinner.. But before that driving around the town to see what's interesting. As usual.. it's an empty town.. very hard to find people in here.. hihi..
Most shops and restaurant are closed.. the only shop that we can see still operating was the Chinese Restaurant (Aik?? Tidak celebrate kah? :p)

So we ended with having dinner here.. Having Chinese food.. This photo taken by my elder son with my small pink camera.. O.+

For that night.. we were staying at 'Ashley Motor Lodge'.. Near the beach. We reached like almost 11pm and it's very cold weather that time..

Some photos of our rooms. Excuse me for the messy room.. haha.. we were about to checkout when I took the chance to captured the photos.

At the back of our room.. love their back yard...

(Part 5)
Timaru Garden and Beach

We checkout from our motel and straight to the Timaru town garden, Very near to our motel. Next to the garden is the beach.

We actually wanted to join their Food & Wine festival.. but it was still early. The people was just about to arrange their tables and tent. We cannot wait that long so we decided just to have a small walk in their garden.

Another beautiful lake with a group of ducks. That morning was cold..

Nearer view of the lake.. :)

There was a bird house too.. my boy said.. 'angry bird'.. O.+

Some information about their birds..

Nothing much to see in this garden.. so we make a move to the beach. My shadow.. :)

Some flowers spotted in the garden.. :)

Looks like daisies..

Huge trees everywhere.. and the beautiful hydrangea.. They loves to plant this flower. You see this almost everywhere. Don't have to take care so much..

Different colour.. very pretty..

My little boy. There was time we need to covered him with his fav blankly.. that morning was really really cold..
Heading to the beach..

Nice beach.. with high waves.. I saw few guys was getting ready to do some surfing..

Good bye beach and good bye Timaru..

We continue our journey from Timaru heading to Lake Tekapo and Mt. Cook. This will be the longest drive for us! We actually heading to Dunedin to stay over night there. But along the way we try to find any places of interest around. Once we reached Lake Tekapo and Mt.Cook.. we drive down again towards Dunedin. What a long journey..

The journey is on.. I am so amazed with all the scenery.. the landscape.. so perfect. I never got bored looking at all those. I was so sleepy sometimes during the ride.. but I always make sure my eyes open as the co-pilot for my husband.. Most of the time i have to irritate him kaw-kaw to make sure he don't fall sleep.. haha..

I always wanted to take photo with those hays.. haha.. My mom used to kept this hanging calander with beautiful scenery when I was little.. and 1 of the picture was a field with lot's of hays.. I just don't know why.. I think it's beautiful.. :)

We stopped at the road side sometimes to captured amazing views..


Capturing some nice views..

Shorten the story.. finally we reached our 1st destination.. the beautiful blue Lake Tekapo.. You can see it all along the way..
This was so amazing.. How could their water become so blue.. greenish blue? The water is not that crystal clear.. but it is so blue  #keheranan.. tagas...

So.. I finally reached the famous lake.. The Tekapo Lake.. The most blueish.. greenish water I ever seen in my life. Haha  #Tagas

 (Part 6) Lake Tekapo

My hubby himself got amazed by the water and the view.. perfect combination. But for him.. is there any fish? He only salivating to do fishing in New Zealand.
Nope.. He didn't.. ;-p.. Oh ya! He actually did! On the final destination before back to Christchurch. But caught nothing haha.. ;-p

I have the heart to touch and soak my feet inside the water. But I never see anybody did that.. (Takut nanti kaki berkudis kah.. because looks really like sulfur water.. ;-p) so I just leave them untouched.. ha!

Now this was at one of the tourist stop where a lot of shops, resort and motels available. But we did not stay here.

A dog statue looking at the lake.. :)

Another beautiful view..

Spotted this plants.. Jut look at the thorns!!

I love to see all the wild flowers just grow anyway and it's beautiful!!

Some houses and resorts around..

The most taken picture chapel here I guess.. :)

My son fighting the wind.. O.+

Love the lavender..
Next we continue our journey to Mt. Cook.. Watching some glazier.. :)

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