Friday, January 17, 2014

Choose To Rent A Motor Home In Tasmania_ Part2

This time travelling I decided to choose to stay in a Caravan.. for our case it was a Motor Home that is what they called it.

I remember our journey to Perth.. it was quite difficult to rush on time to check in for our motels.. So in my thought if we are using the Motorhome we can just stop and sleep anywhere without need to rush for a check in to a motel.

During this time journey.. I was actually wrong haha.. We actually still need to find a spot to park a night for a caravan/motorhome.. just that it is not that expensive as staying in a motel/hotels. We still need to book online or by calling (Just google for a caravan site and the name of the place you heading). I prefer to call direct to their number (Remember to purchase their sim card number once you touched down the airport. We bought the sim card from the book store inside the Hobart terminal). So far all of the staff I called are so so friendly. 

I am glad that the season was not that packed (As mentioned by the Motorhome rental staff.. we came on the best time.. Early summer holiday for TAS.. we went on the 4th-12th Dec 2013.. We missed the Tulips festival on October.. but we managed to witness the Lavender Farm early blooming).

We took a flight from MEL to Hobart as our 1st destination. We rented the motorhome online.. I forgot what was the 1st company I booked the motorhome.. They run out of vehicles and they pass us to a company called 'BRITZ' with a big lizard sign.. hihi.. Even Britz run out of vehicle that time and what they have was the biggest motorhome left and we just go for  it.

Britz office is just somewhere near Hobart airport. Just need a short walk.. and the staff will guide you on what to do and how the Motorhome works.. But we did our homework by watching their Video earlier when we decided to go for this vehicle.. they will still let you watch a video on their office if you still unsure.

I suggest you to buy their insurance which provided by the Vehicle rental company.. They have few options and we took the package which 'It all covered'.. haha.. I can't remember which package is that but as she mentioned if we took that one.. it will cover allllll... and thank God we did.. more story on that haha..

At the Britz office, Hobart Airport and checking our vehicle.

A picture showing our stop at one of the caravan park. I am glad that we have the experience with camping when we were visiting my sister in Canada.. me and family have no problem with it.. actually we loves it..

Some pictures of the Motor home interior.. It actually completed as a home.. we have place to cook.. microwave.. oven.. utensils.. pots and pan to cook.. small fridge.. toilet.. shower.. and bed to sleep. All of us have quite a big space to sleep.. I actually very satisfied.

The only problem for me is the toilet is a little bit high for an Asian height like me.. haha.. and must always make sure to clear of your toilet 'bank' to avoid smells.. ha!

I will talk more about our experience with this vehicle along the way..

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