Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flying To Tasmania (KL-MEL, MEL-HOBART)_Part1

Tasmania.. Australia..

Yes.. my recent travelling was to Tasmania. This time travel I brought along my mom and my dad. It's my dream to travel with both of them to a country that is cold even during summer haha.. So my dream granted.

It was a memorable journey and of coz there was hiccups in between.. and it all started from the airport itself. I mean LCCT with Airasia.

We missed our flight.. Nope! We are not late.. we reached quite early.. it's all because of the VISA.

Australia need VISA?? We totally didn't know that and finally got to know it was applied recently starting September 2013.. I went to Perth before and I am so sure that we don't have to apply for VISA that time.

So remember! You need a VISA to Australia..  You can apply it online by paying AUD25 per person via credit card. The AA staff told us that we can apply the VISA at the Premier Lounge area (Have to pay for using the Computer/Internet and need to pay for printing).

I am glad that we are able to do it on the spot but unfortunately the staff did not keep our luggages or check in our luggages 1st while we rush to apply for the VISA online. (I know they can do this because when we tried to check in after got the VISA, the staff scolded the previous counter staff that we met earlier, for not checking in the luggages earlier before asking us to go apply for the VISA. She said 'Next time kalau jumpa case macam ni.. check in luggages dulu'.. So my opinion they actually can do it..

We've done our VISA and went to the counter about 38minutes before flying.. If only she check in the bags 1st.. May be we can still catch up our flight.. but because the cargo closed 30 minutes before.. we are not able to take this flight.

We begged so that we can follow the flight even without our luggage.. But we can't. Their staff especially the supervisor are soooo RUDE! I am so tempted to put his name here but everything has happened and things happened for reason.. and ahh.. just forget about that.. I just hope their staff are more friendly.. I appreciated that the other staff are more friendly than their supervisor.. totally pissed with him.. we are talking to him.. and he just ignored us by looking at his screen.. look left right.. assuming that we are not there.. My husband almost wanted to shout at him.. but he decided to called his brother (which my sis in law is working for AA).. asking for any suggestions.. she said.. don't waste time arguing with them.. 

Anyway.. time passes by and we don't keep all that in heart.. it's new year and lets forget the pass and face the future.. Lesson learned. Next time come more earlier than early.. haha..

Next morning.. we went to the check in counter and told our incident to the staff that working that time.. she actually said the staff can actually help to give suggestions maybe helping to go for next flight.. We actually don't mind to pay for some fees but things happened and We already bought a new tickets (1 way)..

So here we are on the plane.. Oh yess.. the ticket was 'burnt'.. I am not going to say how much the lost because it really hurts to see the figures.. :(

The flight was about 8hours from KL to Melbourne. We need to stop at Melbourne and bought another flight to Tasmania.. Yess I booked a flight from MEL to Hobart, TAS earlier and it's all 'burnt' just because of the hiccups on the 1st place.. :(

Not only tickets.. car rental.. hotels.. all suddenly out of schedules.. 

After 8 hours.. we finally reached MEL airport. On our 1st plan we suppose to reached in the morning that day and we suppose to rent a van and have our own tour at Melbourne (MEL). But after the incident we now reached at 1am (MEL time) and I managed to cancelled the van (Thank God don't have to pay anything).

Our next flight will be around 7am (A new tickets purchased).. We came out from immigration counter and have our luggages at almost 2am already. We decided to just stay in the airport for our next flight to Hobart.

Our first time in life to stay overnight in the airport haha.. We dare to do that because we are not the only group staying overnight in the airport.. Some of them sleep in a sleeping bag.. how nice. Weather was so cold not to for get.

We were quite exhausted but to have a good sleep when my 2 boys are running actively all around the place was just impossible.. @.@

To make the story short.. I did not sleep until check in time.. anyway it's only a 4 hours wait.. I plan to have my 1 hour sleep on the next flight.. Yess 1 hour only.. haha.. MEL-Hobart,TAS 1 hour flight.

A photo while waiting for boarding (My mom actually asked me to take a photo of that guy next to her with his thick shoes ;-p).

I have a good 1 hour sleep on our flight heading to Hobart.. all of us slept.. :D

Continue on next post..

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