Sunday, December 28, 2008

AFamosa Resort_Animals and Birds Show

Next Show Animal Show.. Just walk thru the trail and follow the sign board.

My hubby was so irritated by the MC's voice and way of talking.. LOL..LOL.. (Apa lah salah c MC..) I will update video on some show later..


Ending of Animals Show..
Feedback: Not sooo...happening, but it will attract children attentions.. I love to see the animal cycling.. My mom say...' ohh...animals can be train..nanti I go home I will train all the chicken and so on..'.. You know lah my mom house at my kampung.. ada ayam...anjing...kucing..buaya...yes...buaya..(OMG..please have mercy... :-x)

Next Show : Bird Show..

Not many people attend this show.. Mayb too often see birds... but it is fun to see birds can talk, and fly over your head... The fun part when the bird fly to your own hand to collect donations.. My hub did that.. got the video will update later..

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