Sunday, January 25, 2009

'Absolute Thai'_ IKANO

Take our lunch here at IKANO...

Thats me...taking pic on mirror.. (On the left ya.. ;-p)

Hubby Choose 'Nasi goreng Nenas'.. Showing on menu, rice will served inside the half nenas..

Comes out like this.. LOL.. a bit disapointed.. but the test ok... (5/10)

I order this for myself.. seafood tomyam less spicy.. (Have to request if u want extra or less spicy)

Funny incident... We r on fire!!!! Trying to blow it out... The fire getting bigger!!! But slowly fade by itself... LOL.. I love this Tom Yam... Sooo sour and less spicy... I give 7.5/10... I love it..

Desert.. As usuall.. Thai famous desert.. Mango rice.. Not up to my expectation (3.7/10.. only)

My son eat their fish cake... did not take the pic... My son didn't like it.. LOL..

Price all : RM60++ (Included drinks)


en_me said...

tomyam yg best tewwww.. uhuhu

Dora A-Erb said...

Wow... Cath, those food make me droooool lah... taapun..hehe. But thanks for sharing anyway. You have a wonderful CNY and enjoy the long holidays.