Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 2_ Bee farm/ Diamonds/ Thai Silk (Chiang Mai)

After Visiting 'poppy flowers village' and 'The Trade mark temple for Chiang Mai' we heading to the Bee farm.. which related with the Poppy flower..

Welcome drink.. Honey drinks.. Nice..

Talk about the best of honey, where it comes from...how..bla..bla..

How to know the original honey? Add a spoon of honey on a glass plate, add a little bit water and shake the plate.. You can see this shape.. looks like a bee nest.. some say like fish scale.. and snake skin..

I fall in love with the honey taste.. I bought 1 big bottle of the honey.. The bees are all from the poppy flowers farm..

Stop our tour for lunch.. Halal restaurant.. 'Feng Ming restaurant'..

Simple food..

Next tour.. visiting the Diamonds and cristal factory..

Watching video clip..

Now visiting their factory on how it was processed..

Princess ring!!! I am trying on the ring... LOL... So hugeeee!!!

Only managed to buy this from the factory.. earings and ring.. Very2 cheap! Only around 3000 Thai Bhat!

Next visiting the Thai silk factory (My fav.. ;-p)

Welcome drinks.. againnn...

The process for the trade.. benang..

4 quality of Thai Silk.. Click photo to see larger size..

Burning the sample of Thai silk shows which one is original..

Process menyulam..

Founder off this factory..

End of day 2 tour.. back to hotel and went for dinner.. Buffet Dinner..

Ver simple food..

Done our dinner.. continue with shopping!!

Ok take note MK, WD, Bella.. I order the key chain from here.. siap tulis nama2 kamu.. ;-P

Nah di bakar2 lagi....

Cute soap flower.. carving soap... cute!!

Here.. you can order JC for football fan.. I order some for friends..

Nah mourenJ.. kau nampak siapa punya nama tu?? hehehehe.. (Buat sarong tempat duduk kereta lah k.. hehehehe)

Bargain for best price.. Last2 dapat Rm25 perpcs..

Tired shopping... stop by to eat something..

My fav drink! Sedap nya air kelapa mereka ni...

Nah.. Fried mussels and oyster with egg.. Not soo nice.. I love the Melacca's one better..


CHINA DOLL said...

Rajinnya ko menangkap gambar... kalau aku ni... kalau sudah nampak shoppingmall... tu camera simpan dalam beg jak. hehehehe

CathJ said...

Ohhh...jangan main2...saya paling rajin mengambil gambar...walau mcm mana sibuk pun hahahha...anak pun boleh tertinggal gara2 mengambil gambar...LOL..

MommyAngel said...

Didn't know you like silk :) Memang ada taste bah :P :P

Oh my, the rings and earrings are so cheap!!! Good buy!!! good buy!!! Very pretty too.

Oliveoylz said...

Wah so many welcome drinks ah? Shiok! The coconut drink is making my mouth water!