Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 3_Elephant and Monkey Shows (Chiang Mai)

1 of the tour for day 3 was the elephant shows.. I was not a fan of it, but my son.. yes!

Watch out for their splash!! LOL..

Show area.. very big!

Well trained! Good Job!!

My son feeding the elephants.. from this on..the elephant becomes my son fav animal!!

He touch the animal and he feels so proud! LOL... Funny!

After the elephant we heading to the 'Monkey school'


I was laughing when the tour guide say we are going to the monkey school.. I feels like not going! Punya bosan watching monkey ni... bertempiaran di sabah!!

But after a while looking at their talent.. I calm down juga.. a clap to all the monkey's... Good Job!

Nah...baru kau tau...

My son give money to monkey and the monkey give this 'insect rub medicine'.. monkey Balm! some sort like tiger balm... but nothing to do with monkey laaaa...just the name only! LOL..

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SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

hahaha lucu juga tu monkey. teringat juga saya bapa papar punya monkey hehehe...