Sunday, March 15, 2009

BALI_Lunch at Pacung (Day 3)

Day 3 (8th March 09)

Today not many tour to go but the long distance traveling. We are actually heading to Bedugul and after that to Tanah Lot.

Red-Tour journey, black-Journey home..

We need to pass by Seminyak and Gianyar. Along the way, I saw lots of beautiful arts from furniture to decorations and prayers stuff.. Mmm... Balinese is a very creative people.. I just love their handmade!!

Me and hubby already dreaming to have the 'rotan furniture' in our home.. lol..
We will come back to Bali again just for decorations, furniture and relaxing in future.. Ohh thats a promise.. lol..

only 1 shot for road side picture.. I try not to fall a sleep all along the way, bcoz I wanted to record all the view in my memory.. ;-p

Reaching Pacung Restaurant for our lunch.. The view sooo breath taking... I love the green view..

Surround with Padi field.. Nice..

My photo can't really describe how beautiful the scenery is.. It was soo beautiful in real life..!!

The restaurant...

Buffet style.. budak 'gayat'... lol.. to Bedugul Lake..

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