Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BALI_White Rose Hotel at Legian (Hotel Review)

Our stay on Bali was at 'White Rose Hotel' at Legian, (4 star hotel). You can find other hotel that located nearby the street where shopping heaven is.

This hotel located quite deep inside (Not soo deep but need walking distance to reach from the shopping street). Next trip I will prefer hotels that near by the street.. Lots nice hotel there.. But I did not managed to do homework to ask for the prices.

I did not managed to try the SPA.. ;-( ...schedule very tied.. next time I will visit BALI again just for relaxing, shopping and SPA without tour... ;-p

This is the reception building. The room is not here.. You will take your bfast on this building.

Reception area. Top Bfast area.

Reception counter.. Need to pay deposit RP300,000 (Cash. Refunable upon checkout)

Our room will be on the other building. Some sort like an apartment but renovated to be a hotel. No lift.. have to use staircase..

This is the sharing living area. We were at 2nd floor. There were 3 rooms sharing this living area..

We are at 2049.. ;-p

The bath room.. Just OK.. I am disapointed bcoz there were no water boiler (4 star should have >:-I ) Not up to my expectation as a 4 star hotel..

I really don't like the bed... oh so sorry! I feels like sleeping on a floating boat.. everytime my son or my hubby move a bit, the bed will shake!! Oh dear... I don't have good sleep..

If you need an internet line, you have to purchase it from the counter.

Good thing, got hair dryer... and bottle opener on the wall.. great lol...lol..

Outside view..

Pool side... very near to our place..

A bar near by the pool.. great..

Distance from our room to the pool... ;-p

Morning View...

Not bad.. but if you choose to have more relaxing time on your room, this is not a great hotel for you... but if you will be on tour most all of the time... this is OK for you...
Hotel distance from airport about 15minutes without jam.


MommyAngel said...

Most photo so dark ah, hahahaha .... doesn't really look like a 4 stay hotel to me hor or is it the photo??

CathJ said...

Ya lorr mommy angel.. I not satisfied with my photo as well..

I am using my SANYO Xacti camera.. Soo bad lah the photo in the dark.. Most of the time I am using my HP to take photo but that moment I did not managed to on it yet...lol..lol.. but... The lighting inside the room was too deem also... (I did not take photo on day time coz we need to go for tour very early)..

MommyAngel said...

Ic ic ... it's ok as long as we still manage to see the pictures :)