Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BALI_Wood Carving (Day 2)

Continue our journey from Batik to Wood Carving factory.. High light tour for day 2 was the 'Barong Dance' and the 'Volcano view at Batur' but stop by at all this factory..

We are passing by all the villages and the road way will be like this.. lots of motorbike and you will hear the driver always 'honk' all along the way... means ' Make way...make way'.. If in Msia you suka hati honk people.. memang dapat '5 buku'...

Stop by at 1 of the small shop to buy water.. ;-D

Ok.. We reach at the wood carving factory/shop..

This Shop own my a family generations.. All family member here.. (If I am a Balinese.. Mayb I am 1 off the girl there.. Ohh dearr...)

Note: We were told by the tour guide (Pak Gedi) Balanese people prefer to stay with their family.. Married with own people.. no matter how far they work overseas but once they married they will come back to hometown and stay with family.. And as for the girls.. after married they will join the man's family.. and stay in the same house or area.. So there will be a big family there. They will have meetings among themself if there is celebration coming or occassion. Its still been practised until today.

Can u see the colourful flower on top of the 'kiwi'?? Thats their offering to their God.. You will see lots and lots of this everywhere! They really spend most of their time with praying.

Woww... Pak... pintarrr benarrr ya pak...

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