Monday, March 9, 2009

I am Back from BALI..

So glad I am back at home again.. I miss my lap top.. my blog.. my kitchen, my garden.. Ohh I miss everything and the holiday was just few days only.. On the other hand I miss Bali too (Will definitely go back again.. lol)

My flight was 6am today.. (Rules no. 1: Never ever take an early flight if you have kids around.. Poor them have to become 'zombie'.. Unless you really2 want to have that cheap flight but make sure sleep early so no need to struggle..) I have to wake up like 3 am to make sure all in place and wake up hubby and son about 20 or 15minutes before 4 am... Must wait on the lobby by 4am..

Our tour guide drive us to the airport (Takes like 15 - 20 minutes from our hotel, White Rose Hotel at Legian).. It was 4am and the road was still full with people (Those from clubbing) But I saw lots of kids wondering around as well.. I wonder what are there doing????

Reach airport say goodbye to our friendly tour guide..

Rules no. 2: Never ever wear 'High heels' during this moment.. lol.. otherwise you will ended like me.. lol..

Remember I just bought this shoes?? I ingat nak bergaya lah konon time pulang tuuu....
Haaa.... padannn buka kau cathj.......

Ini lah padahnya!!!!!! *Kaki tak lah sehalus mana*...kikikiki.... It was a suffering home journey for me (Teringat pulak kat c Chinadoll with her boots). I can't find any plaster.. Soo.. SOS..

Terpaksa kopek any stiker from my son's stroller and take tissue.. *pap!!* tampal..
ease the pain a bit!! My hubby say, don't wear the shoes lah.. bare foot only! I say... no way!!! I rela menampuh kesakitan ini daripada menanggung malu berkaki

Ok quick info here.. Always remember to come early to airport.. coz the walking journey was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo......damnnn.........far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and naik tangga turun tangga!!!

Mmm...quite a lot *zombies* taking the early flight.. I bet they all not enaugh sleep like us.. hihihi..

Me and hubby wondering, why the Airasia flight is still 'unseenable'..???? Is it going to be a delay?? Suddenly people start lining up.. me and hubby don't have to rush, coz we pay for the seats.. RM5 per seats.. not the hot spot seats but next to it.. row no.6.

Tiba2 pulak my son 'buat kek'..auchhhh... I have to rush to the toilet and clean him up.. when I go out, everyone is gone.. left my dear hubby... Dia pun relax2... siap go toilet lagi... when we enter the gate... OMG!!! I tought we will direct masuk to the channel where continue to the plane... NO WAY! We have to go down staircase lagi!!!!!! after the staircase I was so shock... it was not a plane who is waiting but a big bus with a crowded of passangers... and they all pissed waiting for 3 of us...

With 'dignity'.. we enter the bus.. I have to stand on the bus steps.. too full.. luckly there was this gentleman offering me a seat, because I was holding my son.. Thank you Mr..

Woww... It was a long drive too... Soo must remember, don't be late otherwise you will missed the bus and have to run to catch the plane (And make sure you are wearing jogging shoes not like me.. I can't imagine if we really need to walk that time... )

Sempat take a shot inside the bus.. lol..

Reminder : Must spare Rupiah money in your wallet!! Don't forget to pay the airport tax.. Coz you will have to pay for airport tax (RP150,000 perperson) on different counter.. We almost miss it.. Luckly we ask the emigration guy who is checking our passport.. If not have to run a long way back to pay the tax.. Coz there will be a resit for every payment and they will take half of the resit before you enter the plane.

Money Currency during this travel : RP100,000 = RM32

For my bloggers friends and readers.. Thank you for all the wishes.. I will update my pictures and story daily.. stay tune! ;-p

Note for Chinadoll: Sorry myfren... No wierd Picture... ada juga I terserempak with the 'oh-ow' stuff... but I did not take the photo.. almost buy lagi utk bagi kawan... tapi hahaha...tak


1 more thing, I am suferring from sunburn on my face and body skin.. Forgot to bring my sunblock cream.. at this moment, while I am typing.. I am wearing this... Hoping to recover my face soon... lol..Cantik kan??? ' Buang tebiat!!!'


SyazReA said... time pkai la sportshoes...
biar kurang bergaya, tp selesa n x suffer..hehe..
anyway, welcome back to Malaysia.. =)

CathJ said...

Ye ler tuuu.... Sport shoes? I kurang sikit... Pakai sandals ok lerr.... hehehhe..

Tak tidor lagi ke ?? hihihi

Anonymous said...

Alala cath sakitnya when i see ur blister tuu ..kalau kasut baru mmg mesti kena blister kan ..anyway welcome back and waiting for ur photos.

CHINA DOLL said...

Aduiii cath.... sakit perut aku ketawa baca blogmu ni!! Teringat pula aku tripku hari tu. Hahaha... lepas tu... lucunya mukamu pakai tu mask... aduii.... Cepat2 ko update blogmu aah... tidak sabar mo baca ni tau.

P/S: Menyempat lagi anakmu buat "kek". Aduii... lucusss!!!

Anies Azeera said...

..adoi Cath. Sakit tu kan... hope its better oredy.

hehe .. I like your gambar sedang ber mask ni.