Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tips Saved more for Bali Vacation

Everyone have their own way of vacation.. I am just sharing mine here.. ;-D

Note: This is not a paid promotion.. Just sharing and helping friends.. ;-)

On this trip, I book my own flight from Airasia.. Bcoz I saw some interesting promotion there. RM7 perperson.. Who will not tempted with that??? But after adding all tax and I purchase a seat too (So I don't have to lining up).. RM5 per seat from row 6 onwards. Total RM341 for 3 of us.

For the hotel stay and tour we pay from 1 of the tour agent here in KL.

I met Pak Gedi (Our tour guide).. He give us some tips on how to saved on your tour.. If we ask for an agent to arrange for us, difinately we need to pay a comission for the agent right? Why don't you directly call the Bali tour agent instead.. But you must know them la (Like the friendly Pak Gedi)..

What you should do is:

a) Book your own flight (Airasia of coz the cheapest and always make their promotions).

b) Book your own hotel.. (Can find on the net) also featured on my blogs advertisement ;-p..

c) Surf on the net about the best place of interest in Bali.. Write it down, so that you can tell Pak Gedi you wanted to go to this place.. He will arrange the tour accordingly and lunch, dinner will be included during the tour (Don't expect a fancy food lahh... )

d) Call Pak Gedi and tell him you are interested to visit Bali. He will ask few details such as flight details and soo on.. You can ask him anything, maybe ask for the price for tour.. He will ask for your contact number as well so that he can call you back. May be you can ask for opinion, which hotel is the best for you to stay... you want somewhere near the shopping road? on jungle? near the sea? Once they give you the name, you can look into it online.

During the tour they will suggest a lots of place, but you can choose which tour you want. if you don't want to visit all the silver, batik, etc.. (lol) you can tell them...unless you are joining a 1st timer visitor..

I will update for Pak Gedi contact number here soon (His number was inside my hubby hp)

This is Pak Gedik.. Our friendly Tour Guide.. He is married and have 2 boys..
Contact No: +623618080371

Any questions, I will try to answer.. :-)

If Money is not a matter for you..welllllll......*in Indonesia loghat*.. 'Silakan bapa ibu, langsung ke tour agent utk menguruskan semua nya ya'


MommyAngel said...

He looks very young!!

CathJ said...

Hahaha.. really? I did not ask his age pula.. lol...

Anies Azeera said...

... sempat lagi u ambil gambar Pak Gedi kan Cath. LOL. Ngam juga la, senang mau kenal sudah nanti.

Suzie said...

very good entry...thanks for the info. i saved the pak gedik no already. but then y gedik!!! LOL

Kaseh said...

thanx for the info helps alot. haha..