Monday, March 23, 2009

Unique Fisherman seafood restaurant Cheras..

On Sunday.. Having dinner with all family at 'Unique fisherman restaurant' cheras.. next to Autocity car dealer..


Eating seafood this time.. Ohh.. I see this I miss KK...

My fav!!!

Ni boleh buat umpan ni... ;-p

The 1 and only creature that I love to see but don't dare to eat.. ;-p

I was soo 'tickle' looking at this wierd creature!! Why sooo long oneeeeeeeeee!!! lol... ;-p

at last after almost 40minutes... the 1st dish comes.... Yeah... don't blame the service.. Got wedding receiption on that day...

I love how they cook this fish... Steam fish with gravy (With the hint of lime and onion)..

My fav too.. Crab with salted fish..

I love sweet and sour crab... unfortunately.. this dish not up to my expectation..

The vege.. this is on my plate already... didn't managed to take photo.. I like the small2 slices of that green stuff.. I am not sure what is that... is it a seaweed?? Its crunchy and perfect match with the tiny ikan bilis...

I ate too much already!! auchhhhhh.........

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SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

sea food eh hmm tidak lah kita dapat makan tu. kalau kami balik sana. u tahu lah si george vegetarian ehehe, jangan lupa si isaiah pun. jacob sometime.