Friday, April 3, 2009

Flying To Canada (KL-HK-CA)

My precious journey.. visiting my sister for the 1st time at Toronto, Canada.

Staying there from July to August 2007.

My little boy with his little face that time.. *kiss*

Our 1st flight was by MAS airlines transit to Hong kong (4 hrs) and direct to Canada by Canada Airlines called Air Canada (18 hrs).

About to fly.. hubby managed to SMS his family.. ~.@ (Off HP la..)

We have a great journey and well treatment from MAS. My baby have a special bed just infront of us.. It was connected on the plane body. But only certain weight are allowed to use it.

We reached Hong kong Airport. What a huge airport.. Boleh sesat oh.. ^_^..

Some view captured..


Sempat lagi mau ambil photo di sini.. ;-p

Our group.. My mom, my sister Linda, my hubby and son.

I actually don't want to take photo.. but my mom forced me.. ~.@

It's eating time for my boy..

Later after that we found out our flight was delayed.. -_-.. So they gave us a food court voucher.. If I not mistaken.. 4 hours delay.. -_-

My boy was almost 1 year old.. that time.. I am so happy to see he was behaving well during the long... long... long.. journey.

Fake smile from my sister.. she was missing her 2 daughters already.. have to leave them and hubby for couple of months..

I cannot find where all my photo inside the Air Canada.. Must find it 1st as a remembrance for me..

We reached late at night in Canada.. welcomed by brother in law.. my sister and her 2 boys.. Poor thing their son waiting until fell a sleep. Thank you so much!!

They have to drive 2 cars.. 1 drove by BIL and another car by sister Sue. We were so excited to reached Canada after the long hours..

When we reached at my sister and BIL home.. we supposed to sleep.. unfortunately we were having jet-lag.. Very hard to sleep.. LOL.. But still managed to have a few hours nap before sunrise.

When I woke up.. 1st view I saw from my room.. ^_^

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