Monday, April 13, 2009

*Kelip2 (Fire flies) Kuala Selangor..

We have to wait until its dark to see the fire flies.. but not on this photo... This is Bukit Malawati..
Have a short visit, pass time to wait for the night..

My 2 year plus boy with my MIL. (I notice now a days my son love making faces if we wanted to take a photo of him.. )

Me.. ;-p (I can't fit that red T-shirt before, now that I am on my diet(Which still going on) I managed to fit in. That was my fav jeans, now a bit loose..same goes to my shoes (The shoes that hurt my feet soo bad during my Bali trip) now..loose.. )

Makam diraja... Jeez quite creapy.. passes here on the evening...

My hubby drive 3 circle here (In front of the Makam Diraja.. as a respect, told by some of the tourist guide here before..)


Ok.. its dark already... its time to go to the fire flies ..

Buy ticket (RM40 perboat)

Safety percautions : Life jacket..

Tourist coming to see the fire flies..

Next.. our boat..

Sailing.. taking this from our boat..

Now.. Unfortunately, we are not able to capture the fire flies scenery on camera or video.. even with a flash. Its so hard to capture.

That night we were sooo fortunate because it was the right time and right day to see the fireflies. It was beautifullllllll.......... and SO MANY OF THEM!!!!!!! Just sad that we are not able to capture in a photo.. Not that we are not allowed, we can....but the result will only be like this

Here you can only see few dots... but in real life it was something like this

Something like this... beautiful... No one can capture the exact scenery, so they come out with a postcard which been photoshop to give the vision.

That much of fireflies but the 'light' is not that big 'dot'...tiny2 'dot' but the total we saw that night was exactly as on photo.. We can even see the brightness of the light through the water surface (That bright).

The boat man chat with us all along the way, and they feel a bit disapointed with some bloggers proclaim that, there were less fireflies already. But actually they come on the 'not right' time.

Here a tip when to visit the fire flies. Every 1st-6th and 28th-31st every month (Follow the chinese Calendar) I mention again...Using Chinese Calendar... And the best time was at around 7.45pm. If you miss this time, the water start to become strong... windy and all fire flies will start hiding. even in full moon, fire flies will hide away. So make sure you come before the full moon comes out. The fire flies sensitive with lights..

Okay.. Thats all I can share here according to the most experience man... the boat man itself.. Thanks for the boat man that night for bringing us for extra hour (Coz not much people and we are on the right timing) and bring us really2 close to the fire flies and we able to touch them and shining in our own hand. ;-D

So.. to see this beautiful have to come and visit it yourself (On the right timing)..

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Caterina said...

i've been here before but i think tat was more than 10 years ago... it is beautiful

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...'s so beautiful and nice when we communicate with nature, I hope someday I will be able to pay a visit to this place (^_^)

Mummy Gwen said...

I've been there loooong time ago. It was a great experience.

CHINA DOLL said...

wow.... banyaknya bling-bling... i loikee...

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?