Saturday, May 16, 2009

Handcraft and dried sea food market in KK


If you are a dried seafood lover (Udang kering, Ikan masin..etc...buat sambal...nyammm...;-p),
it's a must to visit the PASAR IKAN MASIN located at KK town.

The price there are quite high.. as usual use your bargain skill.. price could be cheaper.. may b half of the open price.. I bought udang kering (Dried baby shrimp) and Ikan bilis for me and for my momIL.. bcos she loves to cook sambal.. :-D

If you want to have the best price, make sure you survey the price 1st before bargain.. coz I notice they put different price for same item... (and I bought at the expensive stall.. T_T)..

Dried shark fin..

Pasar Kota Kinabalu

Pasar Kota Kinabalu
errrr.... ???Sea cucumber... ;-p


Next to the dried seafood market was the handcraft market.. I am not sure if all the products was made by sabahan.. because some of the products I saw selling in Thailand and Bali as well.. I mean some other places.. But the best souvenirs I think will be the pearl, t-shirt, printing material (Sabahan design) and the beaded accessories (Colourful beads).

If you want cheap service for cutting your jeans, this is the place.. ^_^.. not sure if they still offer cheap price now a days... Last time I remember my father say it's expensive now a days.. (Well not only cutting jeans... anything increase.. even payment to use public toilet was increased.. T_T)


Pasar Kota Kinabalu

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