Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Royal Museum Seri Menanti Old Palace (P.5)

Royal Museum N.sembilan 5
Did you see anybody stand next to me on the mirror?? No??? Yeahh.. me too.. (Jeez.. always feels like there is somebody else there.. quite creepy... ;-p)

Royal Museum N.sembilan 5
..I don't dare to be alone in any of the rooms.. lol.. seram juga..lol..you know lah..this is a real palace... and lot's of history happened here..

Royal Museum N.sembilan 5
Flat slipper... Been used by the princess or queen.. I believe the sweat is still there. ^_^

Royal Museum N.sembilan 5
I thought only China emperor have this... Woww... so international taste lah this royal family..

Royal Museum N.sembilan 5
Where the king sit with his timbalan2.. quite narrow space.. It was quite hot inside the Palace. I wonder how would it be on those day.. no aircond and no fan... If depends on the dayang punya kipas... alahai... Really2 in Sauna... we sweat a lot!!!

But I think those day..lapisan ozon tak tercemar lagi kut.. tak lah sehangat mcm sekarang ni...adehhhhh.... 37degree...

Royal Museum N.sembilan 5

Royal Museum N.sembilan 5
..Suddenly remind me of the history lesson in my school.. When schooling time.. I never like history.. lol (Stupid me).. but now when I am here and looking at all this photo.. I suddenly feels wanted to know more about their history and other history which we suppose need to know when we are in school..

I think its a good idea to bring your kids here.. might giving them same inspiration.. ^_^

Royal Museum N.sembilan 5
..Soo hansemm... ;-p

Royal Museum N.sembilan 5
This is how the Palace on those day.. wow..jungle everywhere...and where is the garden??? No garden?? okayyyy....

Royal Museum N.sembilan 5
Garden view from indoor... you see all the hole underneath the window?? That's for the wind to come in.. What happen if raining??

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KY Chua said...

I like the Chemerlang pix. :D You sure post/travel/(eat, oops) a lot. Have to click on the Old Posts down below every time I come here. :D

Have a nice week. ;)

P/S: Just wondering what will you do once your boy goes to school, no more travelling except on school holidays?

CathJ said...

KY...KY.. that will be few more years!! I don't want to think until there 1st (Eventho' I did think about it... ;-p) school holiday kan ada... and I might travel alone.. *Wink*

Sometimes you don't have to go for old post my fren.. u can just click the 'label'

Cindy Khor said...

yeah, i know what chu mean, visiting historical place really does give me an odd creepy feeling too like someone's behind my back everytime...