Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a walk with my kiddo (KK post)

I got few post of kk which is still waiting to be post.. But I will post them alternatively.

This was the day I went for a walk with my son.. We were at 1 of the shopping area called 'Warisan square'.. More into outdoor shopping..

Stop by at 1 of this restaurant.. I totally forgot about the name.. silly me.. (>_<)

Bad table manners... he always banging the table now a days.. (Dun worry..I always 'FIX' him.. you know what I mean moms.. ;-p)

Trying their lime drink.. Big jar..

Seems I am off with my diet while in KK.. Just see what I order..

Cheese rice... Something like 'Kim Gary restaurant have... but Kim gary's taste better'

But still acceptable..

My son having Fried rice..

Our dessert... really2 indulging myself... Not really coz it doesn't taste soo good actually.

But now..today, I am back on track with my diet... plan to loose few more KG's.. :-D

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Unknown said...

Kiut betul bah ur son ni...gerigitan sa.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

besar sudah si joel kan, betul betul mini sunny oh cat hehehh.