Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wierd yet delicious to some people.. ;-p

Introducing the traditional/local food in Sabah.. Some of you already know what is this.. Some already drooling and sliver every where.. ^_^

This is 1 of the local food call jeruk (Pickles) 'Bambangan' .. I didn't managed to find the fruits before turn into this... This is definitely my favorite.. taste sour.... but not enough sour for you see the lime is just next to it.. ;-p

This jeruk got strong smell.. For those who love it, the smells will be very pleasent for them.. But for those who never try this.. I think will got great headache.. lol.. But I tell you... this pickles quite expensive you knowww.. this cost me RM5..

(Bambangan pickles)

Next... another jeruk called 'Tuhau'.... goshhhhh.... this is the only jeruk that I can't accept... the smell...was soo awful for me... it's like a bugs smell... :-x

But for those who really into this... it was heavenly.. lol.. This 'Tuhau' was made from a plant.. and mix with some other ingredient like salt and others (I am not sure.. ;-p).. I have tried to put this stuff into my mouth...but it just doesn't work!!!! But I am soo suprice I am able to take 'Petai' another stinky local food.... Will post about it next time... ^_^

(Tuhau Pickles)

Come to Sabah... try this food...*wink*wink*

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BuDakHutaN said...

Jeruk bambangan !? wahhh... berliur trus sia... yummy...sedap bah..tu... bagi sia !

CathJ said...

lol...saya pun.... ;-D

Unknown said...

doiii berliur sdh sa awal pagi ni silaka lapar sdh sa LOL.

Terbalik kita ni moi...I can't stand the petai but so in love with tuhau hehehe


Miss Mathew said...

hahaha! aiyo! ndak sah owh if ndak pandai mkn tuhau! hehe! as for me, i juz started eating tuhau whn i was 25! b4 tht sia mo temuntah tehidu d smell..try mkn sambil tutup idung..thn u'l want MORE! ;)

Anonymous said...

bambangan????try cari tu sinimkuching..hari tu saya balik kk..berabis makan di rumah..x sempat p tamu cari bawak balik kuching..and tuhau...?
ada ko baca di blog sy?