Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Bye Perhentian Island

It was like 10.30am.. we were having our bfast (Taking bfast package ;-p).. Food was just normal nothing special for me.. and it almost closing time (11am) and what we eat was just a left over.

The receptionist come to my hubby.. and request (politely) us to check out early like 11.30am.. So we did..

I can see so many visitors is waiting.. some of them come early morning but up to this time still waiting.. (Well as I mentioned, it was a public holiday in Terengganu).

The funniest thing was.. I heard some of the 'waiting guest' said... 'Jom kita tendang pintu bilik org2 yg lambat keluar ni...' .......lol..lol.. luckly we check out early ;-p

Waiting for our boat..


While waiting.. my son pula buat 'KEK'...ya ampunnnn.... I hate that when this happen... ;-p

When I enter the toilet!!! Jeezz..... So dirty... ayoooo... please la at least clean it a bit... This is the only toilet (Ladies toilet damaged!!!) I have to enter the man's toilet... and guess what???

NO WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so dilemma...angry... and only God knows!!!! A white lady came in with her daughter (Without any slipper) I think they were hopping for a ... at least clean toilet... they so disappointed. What I heard was.. 'They should clean those... they should clean this...' Well everyone AGREE on that... it's about hygiene.... owww.... please!!!!!!! Duhhh!!!!

I left the toilet with my son's 'CAKE' inside.... What else can I do... No water!!!! We have to wash my son's buttock with our own mineral water. T_T.. and luckily there were a small sink near by.. and I am able to wash my hand (Water no much too... ) Soo sad...

Hope they will do something about the toilet.. T_T

OK.. stop with the damn toilet.... lets make a move..

Woww... today's ride was cool... No hard bumping!! Oh ya last nite was raining... My hubby say... If last nite was raining.. in the morning, the sea will be quite calm.. (Betuiii ke??? ;-p)

That guy was the co-pilot... kekekekek... the driver and the assistant keep on complaining how hard their life as boat driver. Last time they can carry up to 20 passenger at 1 time but now.. only 10 passenger (New law)... in my heart... Well it's good what!! More safer... but of coz.. not good on their side..

They angry about the law 'Must wear safety jacket'... In my heart WHATTTT??? *Gilossss*.....

Funny thing was they talking about their mind to rob a bank... easier to get $$... lol..lol.. (Cari Maut lerr tu bang uiiii).....

That's all about my journey in Perhentian Island.. Thank you for reading... After this we will be on our way HOME!!! But along the way... I see lots of interesting places!

Stay tune with me... *wink*

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Nanak said...

hi cath, selamat bercuti ya..

Mummy Gwen said...

Perhentian island is very nice but the toilet..yucks.