Monday, June 8, 2009

I am back..

I am having a great time on my 'Zoom Malaysia' travel (Own expenses yerr... lol).. It was exhausting but worth for me and my 'kru'.. ;-p

Let me see where should I start?.. I think will definitely start from my packing.. ;-p

Messy... messyyy...

Beach hat? Checked.. Flower clip for hair?? Checked.. Make up.. yaiksss.... (Checked ;-p)

Must remember to have full charged battery for camera.. The most important thing!! (I think I need to buy extra battery.. for emergency.. ;-p)

While packing.. my boy make another mess *pening*..

Sorry my boy... you have to use the pink bag.. ^_^

Might go for shopping.. so I will bring this bag along the way.. ;-p

Lastly.. always bring extra tissue in your bag.. long journey.. might need to visit the public toilet .. ^_^

Slept around 1.30am.. need to wake up about 3 am to start the journey T_T. We need to attend a wedding at kelantan (Before we Zoom some part of Msia), which start at 12pm....

We suppose to make a move at 4am... but we start at 5.15am ;-p


wendi said...

wahhh mcm mo naik gunung pula awal bangub khikhikhi

Unknown said...

wahhhh...ndak sabar tunggu cerita2 baru ni

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...looks like a beach getaway only..hahaha.