Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kuala Besut Terengganu

We reach at our destination.. KUALA BESUT at Terengganu. We are going to Perhentian Island. Believe it or not.. This is my 1st time to this Island and it's a right time to 'zOOm' ..*wink*

Perhentian Island Tganu
We did not make any reservation earlier for any package, accommodation or boat before coming here.. We just follow the flows.. (But advisable to make early booking... otherwise will ended with a disappointment.. We were just lucky that day ;-p.. further more.. it was a holiday in Terengganu.. sooo damn lucky)

Perhentian Island Tganu
Some pics of Kuala Besut.. near by the jetty..

Perhentian Island Tganu

We make reservation for boat and accommodation (On the spot that day) at:

(Boat services to perhentian Island)

B9, Plaza MARA Kuala Besut, Depan Hotel Nan,
22300 Kuala Besut, Terengganu, Msia.
Tel: ++60 9 6903269

Email: enquiry@perhentiantrans.com
Website: http://www.perhentian-pic.blogspot.com or http://www.perhentiantrans.com
Perhentian Island Tganu

It was holiday and totally fully book!!! We planned to go to perhentian Kecil but it's fully book..

So we have no choice to go to Perhentian Besar.. which actually fully book as well... but the friendly lady who work at Perhentian Trans Holiday make a magic and managed to find a room for us (2 room ^_^)..

Of coz the price will be quite expensive and we can only stay for a nite (Which we planned to stay for couple of days) But I am happy with it.

Perhentian Island Tganu
While waiting for our boat.. we have our late lunch(??..almost 4pm ;-p).. at this restaurant. Chinese restaurant. They have good food.. Small restaurant but lots of customer. ;-p

Ok.. after buying some beach toys for son and some stuff for me.. It's time to sail..
Perhentian Island Tganu
Almost 4pm.. The journey will take almost 30 minutes (Jeez.. 1st time sail this far to Island.. If in KK, we only take like 10-15 minutes to arrive the T. Abdul Rahman park island T_T)

Perhentian Island Tganu

Perhentian Island Tganu

Perhentian Island Tganu
Boat is here... and we are the last to enter.. *sigh*

Perhentian Island Tganu
Safety jacket is a must now.. otherwise the boat owner will be summon by marine Police.

Here we gooo... Perhentian Island!!!

Perhentian Island Tganu
Trust me my frens.. It was not fun at all to sit in the speed boat. The sea was quite calm I would say..but the FEELINGS are sooo... scary to death (For me ;-p) boat jumping high and hit the water hard (In a moment in my thought.. this boat going to split into 2.. T_T) Well... don't bother about that... It was just a feeling of someone who doesn't know how to swim like me.... ;-p

Hubby, son and FIL got the worst sit (Infront) which will feel the hit so bad!! Next time want to sit on speed boat, make sure you don't sit at the front (pointy side) of the boat ;-p...

Perhentian Island Tganu
The boat will stop at Perhentian Kecil 1st and certain resort.

Some view of the island.. means we are reaching soon... *fiuhhhh*

Perhentian Island Tganu
During my absent (Yes.. I am traveling again..) You will see lots and lots and lots...and LOTS... of island pics.. Soo...get ready your sunnies.. @_@

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Puan Saiman said...

My dearest friend Cath, I'm crying when I saw our class picture... sepa ndak kenal PACOROJES time tu kan and others group too... I miss Jess too....and remember we also ada lagu kelas sendiri....... . Ada sia terjumpa sama MK sama Wendy few months ago di Warisan Square... terteriak trus terpaluk sia sama si Wendy....Kalau ko balik KK misti ko kestau sia kio.... Oh dear, I really2 miss tahun 92 tu....

CathJ said...

Puan Saiman: MMmm... tertanya2 saya siapa kah puan saiman ini...puas ku cari photo mu tak de... T_T...

Puan Saiman said...

Cath.... alalalala.... sia bah ni.... pssttt si seksi yang duduk sebelah Wendy, sebelah MK, sebelah Rona, sebelah Cora, sebelah cikgu Jamilah, lepas tu Bell bah tu kan.... sebelah Bell tu la bah sia.... hehehehe...

Harus ko paham, dulu2 kita la seseksi Hannah Montana kan, nah kalau ko jumpa sia sekarang, gerenti ko ndak kanal sia tu...wink2... telebih seksi bah...hahahaha

wendi said...

Cj , khadijah clasmate kita tu

wendi said...

Khadijah zulkifli

Puan Saiman said...

nah kan, si wendy ingat sia (sib baik ko ingat sia Wen, kalau indak len kali sia jumpa ko, sia paluk lagi ko kuat2).... ni si cath sama si MK ni mimang mau minta paluk ni tau

Lady said...

whoa...i selalu nak p perhentian nih..tapi tak kesampaian lagi..

can't wait to see your pics~

p/s: ouh, im wearing my sunnies suda~ hehhe

Caterina said...

u know wat, cath... i love speed boat ride and i love the front seat near the head of the boat, even tho i dunno how to swim..

CathJ said...

Cat: Lucky u... Not me..BIG NO NO...kekekekkek....

Puan saiman (Ah-hem): lahhhh!!! Kau pula ni!!!!!! hahahhaha.... you look so different lah!!! dlm photo2 you lain...mcm oeg chines...hihihi...anyway...welcome to my blog yer...sila2 lah bertandang lagi...hehehhehe

Unknown said...

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