Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last day at Betong Thailand

Before heading to our hotel.. we try to find something to munch.. Looking for fruits..
Shopping at Betong

Shopping at Betong
Spotted a 'mobile shop' of Toy R US toys.. Wah.. boleh ke buat mcm ni di sini??? Kekekekek.. Jgn heran cjgotravel berjajah di 'Gaya Street' mcm ni hehehhe... ada town board.. kelam kabut lari.. ;-p

Shopping at Betong

Night Market at Betong

Night Market at Betong

Night Market at Betong

Night Market at Betong

Night Market at Betong
Buah 'Rambai'.. ^_^

Night Market at Betong

Night Market at Betong

Eeekkk!!! Dinosour pun ada???? Ok jugak ni.. Boleh buat hantaran kawin...kekekekek... If in Sabah (For Kadazan people) If kawin must have kerbau... kalau tiada kerbau... nah!! ganti Dinosour lah...... bole???

Nite view (Betong Thai)
Take a last pic of the night.. Heading to hotel..

Reach hotel.. sempat camwhoring ;-p (Apasal muka I 4segi tu??? Ya ampunnn?!...)

Our hotel (Betong Thai)
Our level..

Nite view (Betong hotel)
From our room... another last pic of the nite..

Soo.. after a long post of shopping... this is what I get for myself.. >_< What I bought
Kekekekek... yess...only this.. Pink motorbike magnet and Pink flash light (Beside the pink headband)..

My Tlight
Cute right??? ^_^

My baby

We slept early that night.. coz we need to wake up like 6 am to continue our travel.. Next day woke up at 8.30am (Wahkakakakah)... and we make a move around 9-10 am... T_T

Where is our next spot?? Hint : Terengganu... need to go to Kuala Besut 1st... *wink*

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Cindy Khor said...

the pink flashlight really is cute in baby pink. and your outfit looks good on you.