Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Boring Day..

We are staying at the hotel tonight and we plan to have food outside the hotel, maybe have a look on the hawker food stall.. Usually this type of place will have interesting food.

Quanzhou Hotel
Come down from our room.. we saw the B&G was standing waiting for their guest.. What make me taking their photo was.. Woww.... what a big necklace you have... ;-p (I've seen bigger than this ... but wearing something like this with a white gown... errr... *different* ;-p) and the guy.. wearing office shirt(???)... (>_<)..

Unfortunately for us.. It was still raining and windy!!! We can't see the road and oww... difficult.. ended eating at 1 small restaurant.

QuanZhou Hotel
Menu all in Chinese.. we only depending on my FIL. My MIL don't read Chinese either. That's why I really wanted my boy to be in Chinese school.. but have to go through the 'debate' with hubby 1st.. ;-p , he want his son to be at the international school *Sigh*.. But this will be another few years ahead..

What we were having..
QuanZhou Hotel

We play 'safe' with the order.. my FIL can't really understand their menu.. and can't really understand what are the waiters trying to promote.. lol..
QuanZhou Hotel

QuanZhou Hotel

QuanZhou Hotel

We actually ordered too many food at that night.. (>_<).. Usually we don't really order soo much if only the 3 of us (adults)..QuanZhou Hotel

QuanZhou Hotel
Going back hotel to ZZz.. :-D


UmmiRosma said...

Heeee....*gelak terasa nak golek-golek kat lantai*

macam nak pegi office...mcm cikgu jugak. I nak jugak tengok necklace tu close up Cathj...emas kot.

CathJ said...

Ros: Memang emas pun... tapi tak sepadan hehehehe....kalau berbaju kebaya ke...elok pulak .. entah lah....biarlah diaorang bahagia... hihihi

Cindy Khor said...

nice nice photos of your trip, long time didn't stop by your blog and i kinda miss it. love your header compilation of pics.

Unknown said...

adeeeh...mimang ndak ngam bah cuba dia pakai diamond ka pearl ka baru ngam sama gown tu aisehmen....

violetmay said...

Hahaha, I support you! Your son should study in Chinese school ;) My eldest sister doens't know Chinese too, and she's actually very upset, my mum regret for not sending her to Chinese school too ;)