Friday, July 10, 2009

Having Lunch @ QuanZhou

Every restaurant we went will serve a plate like this. Wrapped with a plastic. I like it that way. Means it's been sterilized (1 of the uncle said).

My boy
My boy new attitude.. He will count (Not in order numbers T_T) the peanuts and arrange like this... than he will eat..

Too many food! Oh wait.. there is more coming..

Here.. Oh wait... more!

Nah sup 1 periuk!!! T_T

Drink beer at day time.. NOT ME... ;-p.. I'm just showing you how their beer looks like... ^_^

Crazyyyy... Raining...raining... and strong wind.. Can't go anyway!

Soo.. stay for a while at the shop (Belongs to the guy who bring us go for tour ^_^).

For your info.. here in Fujian.. Tea is their daily drink. They seldom drink water.. I would say 'never'.. bcoz I never see they drink one. They drink it hot!! What kind of tongue they have!!

I can't even hold the small cup for long... too hot! But they can simply put it on their mouth just bottom's up like that. The worst part is.. some of them 1 to give my boy the tea.. Ohhh I quickly stop them.. I don't know what will happen if I did not see it..

See what I mean.. pity my boy... Cannot move anyway... di perangkap peminat... ;-p


Toothfairy said...

hey i like the pics on your blog!
I'd like to visit there someday too!


Reanaclaire said...

hello CathJ.. the tea looks clear and nice.. I dont drink much cos once i drink i cannot sleep one.. lol.. thanks for showing all the pics.. it is as if we r touring the place together with u.. hahaha.. when i was in shanghai, they also serve lots and lots of food, some in steel bowls and claypots.. :)

Caterina said...

tea is ok for your boy. I've give tea to Justin also... just for him to taste...

CathJ said...

Thanks Toothfairy N claire.. ^_^

Cat: My doesn't drink tea.. he don't like tea.. ;-p, I don't let them give my boy the tea coz its damn HOT....ayo.....