Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Wedding 'Lunch' (Fujian China)

It's almost 12pm.. The wedding reception is on.. I managed to take some photo during that moment.

The wedding
I enter the old house.. I noticed there is NO woman and children around.. and all the man are looking at me..1 kind. Slowly I 'reversed' and managed to take 1 photo.. ;-p

The wedding
Ow.. you all here.. The woman and children will be sitting outside the house and having their food at this hall..

The wedding
Need to used this way to go up the 'stage' ;-p

The wedding
Wahhh... soo hot in here!!!

The wedding
The food are ready to be cooked.. they will cook the dish 1 by 1.. fresh yet tiring I guess...

As for us.. we don't have to sit with the crowd.. Ours 1st class ;-p..

The wedding
We are eating at the house where we stay.. The 2 big girl was my hubby relatives (Owner of the house).. Both are beautiful girls.. ^_^

No body will send food to your table.. 1 person from each table will need to send a volunteer to line up for the food at the kitchen..

The wedding
Our plate.. My son love to poke the plastic cover with the chopstick (Learning from all the uncle there).. and it will create a loud sound when you poke it.. ;-p

Almost all restaurant using this plate set.. and my son will be the one who poke the set for us every time eating outside T_T..

The wedding
Wine served during lunch..

The wedding
'GreatWall' Wine made from China.. ^_^

More story.. :-D


Mommy and Daddy said...

So not fair, the woman and children have to sit outside of the house for the meal.
Luckily you all have the VIP room, :-)

What is your prince name?

CathJ said...

Hi Joanne... My prince name 'Joel'... (Don't really expose family name on the net...but since you ask already... :-D)

Have a nice day...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Cath J,
Ooo..So is it okay for me to put Joel's name at my blogroll?