Monday, August 31, 2009

I am Back!!!! ^_^

I am back friends.. Miss to visit all other blogs ^_^..

Our flight today was at 6.50am.. so we woke up like 3am today. Need to be early because this is an international flight and so many queue we need to go through before entering the plane.

(The queue that morning.. Everyone flying back to Msia.. this is just the front line.. and the same queue at the back of us.. )

I thought we are early enough but still we need to run to enter the flight because we heard the announcement 'This is a final call for Airasia to Kuala Lumpur. If you want to be on board, please come NOW!! immediately'... wakakakka... something like that..

They will close the plane door 30minutes before flying schedule, even tho' you already checked in. So don't 'lenggang-kangkung'.. ;-p

(By the way.. the view above was reaching Msia already.. ;-p)

Kids Meal from Airasia.. ^_^

Adults meal.. Nasi lemak.. (Online purchase)

What's inside?? Taste OK.. I finished it within 2 minutes... ;-p

I got so many photos to share.. I have wonderful time in PERTH. I believe, once you see all the photos.. you will definitely have a heart to visit Australia soon (Airasia got affordable ticket what....*Wink*)

What's left in my pocket?? ;-p (I don't go travel to do shopping of course.. I hunt for beautiful places.. we spent $$ for accommodation.. foods.. Vehicle/fuel.. and entrance fees.. That's how we do our traveling.

(Note: AUD1 = RM2.9++ ... make it RM3)

Most the most I will hunt for fridge magnet of the places I visit.. That's it.. unless there is a real bargain.. example.. original LV handbag with a price of RM100 ;-p ;-p.. than I will do my shopping... (That won't happen lah.... only in China... oppss... May be lesser :-x)

Ok.. I will need to go for a rest now.. Will start showing my travel photo very2 soon ya. Need to settle few things 1st.

By the way.. a teaser.. ^_^

Caversham Park
(Cannot carry.. just take photo like this.. ^_^) Note: On the Koala's tummy.. Was a baby.. coming out soon.. but you already can see the hand coming out sometimes... yaiksss... Weird!

*Thank God human are not like that.. Can't imagine a baby hand come out sometimes from 'there' while I am doing shopping.. ;-p


Reanaclaire said...

CJ, i cannot see the hand of the koala baby la... really there?

CathJ said...

Claire: I did not take a close-up photo of it.. but if you saw the round thing on the tummy... that's the one.. ^_^

Mummy Gwen said...

Welcome back, dear. Sounds like you had a great time!! I can't wait for your next post..hehe.

MommyAngel said...

Welcome back! Glad that you are having a nice trip there!

China can get LV that cheap but definitely not original lah, hahahahah!

MommyAngel said...

Oh ya, forgot to say that I love your picture!!!! It looks so cool and you look fabulous!! How I wish I could have my picture taken so up close with a koala bear too!!! How't the flight with air asia to Australia? Comfortable?

Cindy Khor said...

welcome back. if lv is going to be less than RM1000 i will sapu them all.. muahahaha, but really, in my dreams..

CathJ said...

Mommy Gwen.. I will blog about the Airasia flight soon k.. ^_^

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

wow koala's cool