Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mount Climbing Preparation..

Finally August is here.. Our journey will be on the 14th and climbing on the 15th, going down on the 16th. This is my 2nd time climbing mount Kinabalu. 1st journey, I successfully reach the top of Mount Kinabalu with a good weather on the 31st August.. year... errr... I can't remember already.. lol.. But If not mistaken 8 or 9 years ago.. T_T.

Would like to climb for 2nd time.. before I get really2 old.. ;-p..

If you want to climb Mount Kinabalu, you will need to booked the package at least half year before the date (Unless you are very lucky got a spot fast ^_^). Checkout this site :

My 1st climbing I did not do any fitness at all T_T.. just went for aerobic a week before the date of climbing.. Jeez!! But I still managed to do it without any problem (Don't talk about 'after' the trip la.. definitely whole body aching for almost a week, mayb two.. T_T).

Frankly speaking.. This time around, I feels like not enough fitness too.. T_T (All the best to myself)

OK.. some list I need to prepare before going back to KK..

Bought my shoes.. Advisable to use something like boots (To protect your ankle).. but for heaven sake.. I can't walk with a boots!! I prefer sport shoes.. Last time I am using just a RM30++ shoes.. and still managed to climb to the top.

Make sure it's not slippery.. ^_^

Next.. I got my rain coat already.. and the headlamp. last time I was using a hand flashlight and that was soo silly.. I need to use both of my hand to grab the rope to climb.. and how to hold the flashlight?? Silly me... This time I go with this.. Price around RM18++ (Need small batteries).

This I managed to buy from SOGO that day.. after 50% Price RM70++.. T_T...

More things to get ready:

a) Water proof Jacket
b) Blouse with turtle neck
c) Gloves
d) Topeng ;-p

This is the main thing I still need to search.. urghhhhhh.... (Wd... MasJ.. bagaimana preparation anda?? ;-p)


wendi said...

hahahhahaa good job la u cj..
me? all things are ready but need to pack nicely la.. tia byk sa mo beli, sa guna ja yang sedia adaa, masih bagus lagii hehehhee.. sa pakai selipar ni cj time dari Timpohon..

Mama Mia said...

Happy climbing! Sia ntah bila lagi mo naik Mt Kinabalu ni...:)

Mouren said...

Mia, sama la kita ni :p

MommyAngel said...

Wow ... you are really active!!! I don't dare to climb Mt. Kinabalu after my 1st experience 10++ years back, although I did make it to the top but I was so regret to go up there once I am on my return journey down the hill, sooooo tired .... Good luck Cath!!

CathJ said...

MummyAngel: at least you been there.. ^_^

WD: Pakai selipar????????? okayyyyy....(?)

wendi said...

Cj yaa ala dari Timpohon je, kalo to summit sa pakai kasut