Friday, September 4, 2009

Caversham Wildlife Park (P.3)

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Caversham Wildpark. WA
Trees art..

Caversham Wildpark. WA
I love their pine tree..

Caversham Wildpark. WA
Lovely flower grows everywhere..

Caversham Wildpark. WA
Take note at the time for close up & personal with some animals.. especially the Wombat.. ^_^

Caversham Wildpark. WA
Most visitors are Asian..

Caversham Wildpark. WA
Check out this huge 'lizard'.. (Apa2 pun.. berseri2 muka mak yer.. ;-p)

Caversham Wildpark. WA
This is the only lizard that I am not scared or 'geli' ;-p... The skin was hard!!! I can use this lizard to hammer anything... ;-p

Caversham Wildpark. WA
Wombat.. To see clear photo.. scroll down to my previous entry... ^_^..

Caversham Wildpark. WA
My boy can't wait to see his new 'Pal'..

Caversham Wildpark. WA
He does not in love with the Koala.. but the Kangaroo?? Just look at his eyes.. ;-p.. IN LOVE!!

Caversham Wildpark. WA

Caversham Wildpark. WA

Next will be feeding the Kangaroos.. Have to put that in a single post.. ^_^

Caversham Wildpark. WA

For you who have been here... hey! we are stepping on the same grass.. ;-p (Mmm.. masih ada bau c Ms. Mathew.. ;-p)



Cherish Tulips said...

i went there too!loved the kangaroos!and the wombat was also cute!

rahma said...

hi sis!! hope to see more photos of flowers n trees... heheheee...

UmmiRosma said...

Alahai...cik abg ke cik adik kangaroo tu...? long legs...hehheee
Tak geli ke Cathj kat lizzy tu..eih..

Lovely pics anyway!

Mummy Gwen said...

I hate lizards..haha..but this one quite cute. Your boy is so in love with the cute.

CathJ said...

Ros: Tak geli... tapi 'benci' tengok...

Rahma: I think I have the collection.. just follow yer .. ^_^

lily lotus said...

erkk! besarnya the lizard..kalau i dah pengsan tgk live..tgk ni pun dah meremang bulu roma..hehe

Myelsakee said...

itu wombat kalau bulih makan mesti byk lemak oh hahaha

CathJ said...

myelsa: wakakakakkak... nda sanggup I masuk kan ke mulut...ueeekkkk.... >_<